donderdag 7 april 2016

Top 5 Thursday: Characters from "The Middle"

The Heck family in “The Middle” is such a fun family, that is probably more realistic then we would like to admit. I ranked the family members.

5. Sue Heck
Sue is the dorky and socially awkward middle child of Frankie and Mike. She is overemotional and is always positive. Sue’s optimism and determination are admirable and although she never gets notice for all the hard work she does, she keeps trying.

4. Axl Heck
Axl is the oldest son of the Heck family. He is mischievous and rebellious and he hates school. He is very lazy and compensates this with his looks, popularity and athletics.

3. Mike Heck
Mike is the father of the family. He is tall, blunt and sometimes even a bit boring. Mike is the manager of a quarry and is known for his straight-forward, practical attitude. He never shows his emotions.

2. Frankie Heck
Frankie is the mother of the family. She is short and a stressed wife and mother. Frankie is very strict as a mother and always means well with her kids, who she is always struggling with.

1. Brick Heck
Brick is the youngest child of Frankie and Mike. He loves to read and has quirks or habits or whispering to himself. This happens when certain words catch this ear and he wants to hear them again. Brick is exceptionally smart and tends to isolate himself from classmates.

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