vrijdag 13 februari 2009

The best CSI episodes

Like I said in a previous message, I'm totally hooked on CSI. These are my favourite episodes:

The Accused is Entitled (Season 3): It's a great episode. I like the case they are working on and how it gets personal when they have to testify in court. The team works under a lot of pressure and they prove that they are a strong team. This episode stars Chad Michael Murray as their main suspect.

Grave Danger (Season 5): I think this is the most popular episode and I can understand why. As a Nick fan I really enjoy the emotional scenes he did and the race against time is nerve wrecking. It's a two hour episode directed by Quentin Tarentino and it's the most exciting episode I've ever seen.

4X4 (Season 5): I really like the way this episode was filmed. Four cases, shown seperatly but they also overlap now and then. I hope that they will make another episode similair to this one.

Mea Culpa (Season 5): In this episode Ecklie breaks up the team. You can see all the different reactions and again I like the personal touch of it.

Gum Drops (Season 6): You see Nick as the leader of an important case involving a family and one missing child. Nick is a great leader and for the Stokes fans it's a wonderfull episode.

Stalker (Season 2): A Nick centric episode again. The team is working on a stalker-case. Then they find out that the suspect is also following Nick. Especially the scene where the stalker confronts him is very strong.

Toe Tags (Episode 7): Like "4X4" it's a multiple case episode. This time from the victem's perspective. Wonderfully told and filmed. And very interesting cases.

Who Shot Sherlock? (Season 5): A Sherlock Holmes murder, very cool. It's totally in Sherlock style and it's also a bit funny. This is also Greg's last test, before he can become a CSI.

Snakes (Season 5): I don't know, I just like this episode. When I'm into watching one of my CSI DVD's, I pick "Snakes" a lot. And BTW, Nick speaks Spanish in this on ;) .

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