vrijdag 6 februari 2009

CSI: Likes & Dislikes

CSI is my all-time favourite TV show. In the USA they are far ahead of The Netherlands, but I still watch it every week. I also got all the seasons on DVD. But I don't like every character on the show. Here are my likes and dislikes of CSI.

- Nick Stokes: He's my number one character. Not just because he's extremely handsome. Nick is a very smart, caring and sweet man. I loved him in the episodes "Stalker" (season 2), "Grave Danger" (season 5) and "Gum Drops" (season 6).
- Catherine Willows: Wonderfull person. She's a great leader, strong and helpfull. I really love the storylines she's in. Especially in "Built to Kill" (Season 7) her role was very intense.
- Greg Sanders: When he was just a lab guy he was the funny one everyone messed with. Since season 5 he became more serious and he turned into a great CSI. He's had the biggest change of all the characters.
- Warrick Brown: He's the coolest dude on the show. His dead shocked me and it was one of the rare times that I actually cried during a CSI episode.
- Archie Johnson: He's just very cute and he always makes funny remarks.
- Sophia Curtis: I really liked her, but she left the show. Not a lot of CSI fans liked her, but I thought that she was a great person. She was the only female detective.
- Wendy Simms: The DNA- girl. Love her. She's funny and very smart. I seriously don;t understand why she likes Hodges so much.
- Mandy Webster: The fingerprint- girl. I love her sarcasm.
- Cyrus Lockwood: He was a great detective, but he got killed in season 3. Shame, I liked him a lot.
- Bobby Dawson: The gun guy. He's not a present guy, but I always liked his calmness and his profession. He should get more screen time.

- Gil Grissom: I know he has a lot of fans, but I never liked him very much. I always hated it when he was ahead of the other CSI. They found information and then he ruined it by telling them exactly what they had found. And the one-liners... OMG!
- Sara Sidle: She's strong but troubled. She got emotionally involved in a lot of cases. And the Grissom-Sara relationship sucks. I did like her love for animals tough.
- Conrad Ecklie: God.... does anyone like this guy. He's a very annoying boss.
- David Hodges: He's a suck up and I don't like suck ups. He can be funny and catchy sometimes, but that's it.
- Sam Braun: Shame on him! What he did to Catherine. He died in season 7, but I didn't care much.
- Kristy Hopkins: The callgirl Nick had a one-night stand with. Not a very likeable character. She also died in season 1.... awww.

I know CSI has more characters (for example Jim Brass and Doc Robbins, very important characters), but they float somewhere between the likes and dislikes. In the USA they just introduced Riley Adams and Dr. Raymond Langston. I can't judge yet, because in my country the didn't air yet.

X Joyce

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