vrijdag 23 september 2011

Movie Moments: "Forrest Gump"

My number 2 movie is "Forrest Gump". Tom Hanks' best performance ever and such a sweet, sincere and heartwarming story. Here are my favorite moments from this film.

Moment # 1: Forrest meets Jenny
Forrest is going to school and gets on the schoolbus. No one wants to sit next to him, but then he hears the sweetest voice. Jenny tells Forrest he can sit next to her and it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Moment # 2: Run Forrest run
Forrest and Jenny are taking a walk when bullies try to get Forrest. Jenny tells Forrest to run, and he does. And he’s running so fast, his leg braces break and he keeps running without them. And running will become his trademark.

Moment # 3: Forrest meets President Kennedy
Forrest is invited to the White House to meet president Kennedy. Because he’s thirsty he starts drinking Dr. Pepper. A little too much Dr. Pepper, because when it is his turn to meet JFK, he tells him that he needs to pee.

Moment # 4: Forrest meets Bubba
Forrest is going to the army and on the bus there’s again no one who wants to sit next to him. Bubba tells him he can sit next to him. He starts telling Forrest everything there is to know about shrimp and all you can do with it.

Moment # 5: Forrest and Bubba meet Lt. Dan
When they arrive in Vietnam, Forrest and Bubba meet Lt. Dan. He starts telling them about all the rules and Forrest thinks Vietnam is not a bad place at all.

Moment # 6: Bubba dies
When they are being bombed by the enemy, Forrest is trying to rescue his men. He finds Bubba, wounded, but manages to carry him back to the coast. Bubba tells Forrest he wants to go home and then he dies.

Moment # 7: Lt. Dan blaming Forrest
While Forrest is a sleep, Lt. Dan pulls him out of his bed. Forrest saved him when he got shot, but Dan lost his legs. Lt. Dan tells him that he should have left him to die there.

Moment 8: Forrest shows his wound
Forrest is about to meet the American president again and when he asks him where he was shot, Forrest tells him he was hit in the buttocks. When the president says he would want to see that someday, Forrest pulls down his pants and shows it to him.

Moment 9: Forrests speech
Forrest is going to give a speech, but someone pulls the plug so the microphones don’t work. Forrest doesn’t know and just keeps talking. When the microphones are plugged in again, his speech is finished and we hear him say: "That's all I have to say about that".

Moment 10: Lt. Dan visits Forrest
After Forrest bought a boat and started Bubba-Gump shrimp, Lt. Dan comes to visit him. He once made him a promise, that if Forrest would own a shrimping boat he would come and work for him. When Forrest sees him, he jumps of the boat and swims towards Lt. Dan. Not long after that, we see the boat crash into the dock.

Moment 11: Jenny sees her old house
Jenny and Forrest take a walk and pass by Jenny’s old house. Because she has bad memories about her childhood, she starts throwing her shoes and rocks at the house. Forrest never understood what happened when they were young.

Moment # 12: Forrest asks Jenny to marry him
After watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks on TV, Jenny goes to bed. Forrest stops her and asks her to marry him, because he would make a good husband. Jenny says no, because she thinks he doesn’t want to be married to her.

Moment # 13: Forrest starts running
After Jenny left again, Forrest decides to start running. And he keeps running, for three years.

Moment # 14: Forrest meets Forrest Jr.
Forrest found Jenny and finds out he has a son, Forrest Jr. The first thing he asks Jenny is if he’s smart and then he goes over to the little boy. We see the similarity between father and son.

Moment # 15: “I wish I could’ve been there with you”
Forrest tells a sick Jenny about the skies he’s seen. Jenny wished she could’ve been there with him and Forrest tells her that she was.

Moment # 16: Forrest at Jenny’s grave
Forrest is talking to Jenny, who died. He tells her about little Forrest. He ends up with telling her that if she needs anything, he won’t be far.

Moment # 17: Waiting for the bus with Forrest Jr.
Forrest is waiting for the bus, together with his son Forrest Jr. Before he gets on the bus, he tells him he loves him.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 16: Forrest at Jenny’s grave

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