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Movie Moments: "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"

I love the Harry Potter series and I think this is my favorite movie of the series. And it's filled with so many great moments. Here are my favorites.

Moment # 1: Snake
When Harry and the Dursley’s visit the zoo, they see a python. Dudley thinks he’s boring, but when then glass disappears Dudley falls in its habitat. The snake escapes and the glas reappears again. Dursley is now locked behind the glass.

Moment # 2: Letters
Harry gets a letter, but his uncle rips it up. Every letter adressed to Harry gets destroyed by uncle Vernon. But on Sunday, the day where you usually never get mail, the Dursley house if flooded with letters to Harry.

Moment # 3: Harry meets Hagrid
When the Dursleys and Harry have escaped their home, a very big, hairy man comes busting through the door. It’s Rubeus Hagrid, coming to get Harry and bring him to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Moment # 4: Gringotts Bank
While being at Diagon Alley to buy school supplies, Harry doesn’t know how to pay for it all. Hagrid takes him to Gringotts Bank, where Goblins work. When they arrive at the vault, Harry sees it’s filled with money his parents left him.

Moment # 5: The wand
Harry goes to Olivander to buy a wand. He tries several wands that don’t work for him. Then, when he found a wand suited for him, Olivander tells Harry there was only one other person to have this wand. The person who gave him his scar and shall not be named.

Moment # 6: Platform 9 ¾
Harry has to take a train to Hogwarts, but his ticket says platform 9 ¾. When he can’t find it, he asks Molly Weasly. Harry has to run through a wall between platforms 9 and 10.

Moment # 7: Meeting Ron and Hermione
On the train Harry meets Ron, who’s also going into his first year at Hogwarts. Just when Ron is trying to show Harry a magic spell, Hermione enters and tells them how well she can do magic.

Moment # 8: The sorting hat
All the new students have to be sorted in to the different houses. They have to put on the sorting hat and it tells you which house you belong in. Hermione and Ron both get into Gryffindor. When it’s Harry’s turn, he hopes he doesn’t get into Slytherin, so the hat tells him it’s going to be Gryffindor.

Moment # 9: Troll
Hermione is in the bathroom when a troll enters the room. Harry and Ron are trying to rescue her. Ron finally gets the levitation spell and makes sure the troll loses his bat. Harry is the one to save them from the troll.

Moment # 10: Quidditch
Harry is playing his first official Quidditch match and it’s against Slytherin. They are a very mean team, but Gryffindor manages to win thanks to Harry.

Moment # 11: Invisibility cloak
It’s Christmas at Hogwarts and for the first time Harry got presents. He gets a cloak, but when he puts it on he sees it’s an invisibility cloak. He doesn’t know who he got the present from.

Moment # 12: The mirror of erised
While trying to hide from Snape, Harry finds a mirror. In that mirror he sees himself and his parents. Professor Dumbledore warns him for the mirror and tells him not to go searching for it ever again.

Moment # 13: Norbert
When Harry, Ron and Hermione visit Hagrid, they find out about his secret. He has a dragon’s egg, which is starting to hatch. It’s a Norwegian Ridgeback and Hagrid calls him Norbert.

Moment # 14: The forbidden forest
Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco are punished and have to join Hagrid into the forbidden forest. When they split up, Harry and Draco see a dark shade drinking a dead unicorns blood. Draco gets scared and runs away while the hooded shade is moving towards Harry. Firenze manages to scare it off and saves Harry. They think the shade could be Lord Voldemort, the man who shall not be named.

Moment # 15: Entering the room
Someone is trying to steal the philosopher’s stone. Harry, Ron and Hermione decided to stop him. First they have to pass Fluffy, the three-headed dog. Second is the flying keys, which aren’t easy to catch. Third the three kids have to play wizard chess, something Ron is very good at. Finally Harry has to face the man who’s after the stone and sees who he’s working for.

Moment # 16: Gryffindor wins
It seems that Slytherin won this years housecup, but not all point have been devided yet. Hermione, Ron and Harry were all granted points for their bravery. It is Neville who wins the points that deliver Gryffindor the housecup.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 8: The sorting hat

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