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In the Picture: The Characters from "The Faculty"

I have seen this movie many times. Robert Rodriguez directed and I think this is one of his better films. Today I'm going to focus on the characters in this movie.

Casey Connor
Played by: Elijah Wood
Casey is an outcast and he loves photography. He’s the one that finds the weird organism and starts to suspect that something is wrong. Casey secretly has a crush on Delilah, who is way out of his league.

Zeke Tyler
Played by: Josh Hartnett
Zeke is a rebel and he’s repeating his senior year because he didn’t care about graduating. He is very intelligent but he doesn’t use it the way he should. Instead he created a home made drug and sells illegal video’s to classmates.

Stokely Mitchell
Played by: Clea DuVall
Stokely is a very exentric girl, though very timid. She dresses in black so that she doesn’t stand out in a crowd and she is a sci-fi fan. Stokely is the first one to believe Casey and together they go over the theories by using the science fiction novels she read. Stokely has a crush on Stan and she sees he is not just another sportsjock.

Delilah Profitt
Played by: Jordana Brewster
Delilah is the most popular girl in school and editor in chief for the school newspaper. She can be very vindictive and Stokely is her main target. Delilah is Stan’s girlfriend, but she doesn’t treat him right and actually thinks he’s stupid. She first doesn’t want to believe Casey’s theory, eventhough she saw what happened.

Stan Rosado
Played by: Shawn Hatosy
Stan is a sportsjock but decides to quit football and focus on his academics. He thinks he can do more than play sports and is sick of being favoured by teachers. At first he doesn’t really care much for Stokely, but he discovers that she’s the only one to see past the sportsoutfit.

Marybeth Louise Hutchinson
Played by: Laura Harris
Marybeth is new to Herrington Highschool and moved from Atlanta to live with relatives after her parents died. She befriends Stokely, because she feels left out like her. Marybeth shows interest in Zeke and is attracted to his rebelious lifestyle.

Coach Joe Willis
Played by: Robert Patrick
Coach Willis is the gymteacher and football coach at school. He’s your typical sportsfanatic. Stan is his best player and he can’t understand why he would leave the team. Coach Willis is the first teacher who shows strange behaviour.

Miss Elizabeth Burke
Played by: Famke Janssen
Elizabeth is the English teacher and very shy. She can barely controle her class, who is mainly bullied by Zeke, but she does love her job somehow. When she turns, she becomes a sexy, assertive woman and she wants to teach Zeke a lesson.

Principal Valerie Drake
Played by: Bebe Neuwirth
Valerie is a real autorithy figure and the principal at Herrington high. She’s someone who’s respected by her students and her staff, but she also turns and becomes insidious and the students think she’s the leader.

Favorite Character: Zeke Tyler

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