donderdag 1 september 2011

Movie Moments: "10 Things I Hate About You"

This is one of the only teen comedies I really love and appreciate. And it's full of great moments. Here are my favorites in the order of how they appear in the movie.

Moment # 1: Oops!
Joey blocks Kat’s car with his. Kat isn’t going to wait, so she rams the car and then responses with a sarcastic ‘oops’.

Moment # 2: Drunk Kat
While attending a party, Kat gets a bit drunk. Patrick gets her out of the room so Kat can get some fresh air. They start talking to each other on the swings. The first time the two of them smile at each other. And then Kat throws up.

Moment # 3: Bookstore
After the party, where Patrick refused to kiss Kat because she was drunk, Patrick follows Kat into a bookstore. He peaks through the shelves looking at her.

Moment # 4: “You’re just to good to be true”
While Kate has soccer practice, Patrick has found the perfect way to impres her. He turns up the speakers and starts singing “You’re just to good to be true”. It actually does impress Kat, but Patrick has to go in detention for it.

Moment # 5: Flashing the teacher
Kat is trying to get Patrick out of detention and tries all sort of things. Eventually she flashes the teacher in front of the entire class.

Moment # 6: Paintball
Kat and Patrick go paintballing together. They seem to have a lot of fun, because in the end Patrick kisses Kat.

Moment # 7: Kat tells Bianca about Joey
Kat tells Bianca why she hates Joey. Kat used to like him too. They had sex, because everyone was doing it, but ended up regretting it afterwords. This is a moment where the two so different sisters band.

Moment # 8: Bianca punches Joey
She liked him at first, but now Bianca finally sees what a douche Joey is. On promnight she punches him. One for Cameron, one for Kat and finally one for her.

Moment # 9: Kat hugs her dad
Kat and her father have been very distant since her mother died. Her dream is to go to Sarah Lawrence, an art school. When Kat’s dad tells her she can go, she hugs him.

Moment # 10: Kat's poem
After Kat found out about the bet, she wrote a poem for English class. It’s about Patrick and she shares all the things she hates about him. But the thing she hates the most is that she can’t hate him at all.

Moment # 11: The gift
To make up with Kat, Patrick buys her a gift. When Kat wants to leave school, a shiny new fender stratocastor guitar is in her car.

Favorite Moment: # 4: “You’re just to good to be true”

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