woensdag 7 september 2011

Movie Moments: "Brokeback Mountain"

This story touches me everytime and in the end I cry EVERYTIME. This is such a beautiful movie and there are a lot of great moments in it. Here are my favorites.

Moment # 1: Jack and Ennis meet
Jack and Ennis have both applied for a job of herding sheep in Brokeback Mountain. At first they don’t really say anything to each other, but Jack takes the initiative to introduce himself to Ennis.

Moment # 2: The bear
While Ennis is getting food and supplies for the both of them, he stumbles upon a bear. It scares the mule and he runs of, which means losing a lot of the food.

Moment # 3: Ennis talks about his life
Ennis tells Jack about his life with his brother and sister. Afterwords Jack starts laughing because that’s the most Ennis spoke in the past two weeks.

Moment # 4: In the tent
Jack is sleeping in a tent while Ennis is trying to sleep outside. He’s very cold and Jack tells him that he can also sleep in the tent. Jack tries to kiss Ennis, but first he struggles. We all know what happens next.

Moment # 5: It’s allright
After telling Jack that it was only a one time thing, Ennis gives in to his feelings. Jack tells him that it’s allright.

Moment # 6: Lasso
Jack wants to have fun and catches Ennis with a lasso, telling him it’s time to go. Ennis doesn’t want to go and they start fighting.

Moment # 7: Jack and Ennis say goodbye
Jack and Ennis say goodbye to each other and they go their own way. Jack gets in his car and watches Ennis walking away in his rear view mirror. Ennis then hides in an alley, where he realizes that he shouldn’t have left Jack out of his sight.

Moment # 8: Jack asking Aguirre about Ennis
Jack is back for another year of working in Brokeback and he asks Aguirre if Ennis is also coming. Aguirre tells him that he knows what they were doing while they were there the last time and that he doesn’t have a job for Jack.

Moment # 9: The postcard
Ennis receives a postcard from Jack asking to meet up again and saying that this letter is already long overdue. He responds with a simple ‘you bet’.

Moment # 10: The kiss
Jack finally arrives at Ennis’ house. Ennis runs out the door and the guys hug each other. Ennis checks if nobody is watching and pulls Jack behind a wall, where they start kissing, not knowing that Alma sees them.

Moment # 11: Back in Brokeback
Ennis and Jack are in Brokeback again and enjoy their time together. The two of them jump off a cliff while being completely naked.

Moment # 12: “I wish I knew how to quit you”
Jack confesses that he can’t live like this anymore. Meeting each other once or twice a year isn’t enough for him. Ennis leaves and that’s the last time they see each other.

Moment # 13: Ennis finds out Jack died
Ennis checks his mail and gets a postcard he send to Jack. It was returned to sender because Jack died. He calls Lurane, to ask her about his dead. She says he died after a tire exploded in his face and he choked on his own blood. Ennis doesn’t believe it and thinks he was murdered.

Moment # 14: Ennis visits Jack’s parents
After Jack died, Ennis decides to visit Jack’s parents. His mother shows him Jack’s room and that’s where Ennis finds his shirt, the one he thought he’d left at Brokback Mountain the first time they were there. He takes the shirt with him.

Moment # 15: “Jack I swear”
Ennis is in his trailer. He opens the closet and sees Jack’s shirt and says “Jack I swear”. For some reason this scene always touches me and makes me cry a little.

Favorite Moment: # 15: “Jack I swear”

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