dinsdag 13 september 2011

Best of... Angelina Jolie

Who's the most kick-ass woman of the moment? Angelina Jolie. She can be believable as a die hard action chick as well as a classy lady. So here are my favorite movies with Angelina Jolie.

"Pushing Tin"
For some reason I've always liked this film very much. I think it's because of the theme, not ver common.It's about air traffic controlers. Jolie is mostly eye candy here, but great performances by John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett.

"The Bone Collector"
I've seen this movie a couple of times now and even if you know who did it, it's still exciting. The chemistry between Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie is good and I really like both characters.

"Girl, Interrupted"
She won an Oscar for this role and it was well deserved. It's a very good movie and her character is a very complicated woman. I haven't seen this movie in a while.

"Beyond Borders"
It was on last weeks list and I already explained how I like this film. It makes you think and it makes you aware of all the sh** going on in the world.

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
I didn't think much of it first, but Jolie and Pitt are just awesome together. The chemistry is amazing and this is one of the sexiest movies I've seen.

"The Good Shepherd"
This is what I mean, that she can also pull of the classy lady look. It's a good movie, well directed by Robert De Niro, though it wasn's as good as I hoped it would be. But the acting by Robert De Niro, Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie is excellent.

"A Mighty Heart"
A beautiful story about a woman on a search for her journalist husband, who is missing in Pakistan. Very good performance by Jolie.

"Kung Fu Panda"
Just a lot of fun. Cartoons hardly disappoint me, because it's made for kids and they don't judge. And if a cartoon has animals in it, it works even better.

Directed by Clint Eastwood, who we can always rely on. Jolie plays a mother who desperately wants the truth about her missing child. Strong acting, perfect directing.

I haven't seen "The Tourist" but as for the reviews it's not that good. But Angelina made some great movies right?

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