vrijdag 16 september 2011

In the Picture: The Characters from "Inception"

"Inception" blew my mind when I first saw it. Such a visual treat! That and its story are the most interesting parts of the film, but their characters are also worth looking in to. Here they are.

Dom Cobb
Played by: Leonardo DiCaprio
Cobb is “The Extractor” and is a master in the art of extraction. That means he infiltrates dreams and steals valuable information from them. He is a wanted man, because they think he killed his wife. Cobb doesn’t design dreams anymore, because his late wife appears in those dreams.

Played by: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Arthur is Cobb’s right-hand and is also called “The Point Man”. He takes care of the details, does the research and makes sure everything goes according to plan. Arthur finds his job fascinating and he is very organized, but can also be very skeptical. Cobb can always rely on him.

Played by: Ellen Page
Ariadne is a college graduate student and hired by Cobb as “The Architect”. She manufactures the world of the dreams. Although Ariadne sees the danger of the job, her curiousity won. She was unable to pull away from an unique opportunity like this. Ariadne is extremely creative and a fast learner.

Played by: Tom Hardy
Eames is “The Forger”. He can project the image of anyone. Eames is a smooth talker and somewhat of a prankster. There is a friendly rivalry between him and Arthur. Eames is interested in finding out what people keep locked in their minds.

Played by: Ken Watanabe
Saito is known as “The Tourist”. He is a powerfull and wealthy business man. He offers Cobb the job with a valuable reward. Saito accompanies Cobb and his team on the job he hired them to do and he comes in handy.

Played by: Dileep Rao
Yusuf is “The Chemist” and helps the team to find the perfect sedative that gets them to the dreamworld. He maintains a cool and collected attitude when within his own comfort zone, but he has the least experience in shared dreaming.

Robert Fisher
Played by: Cillian Murphy
Robert Fisher is known as “The Mark” and the main target of Cobb and his team. His father is on his death bed and he never had a close relationship with him. Robert is very rich and he can be very calm in stressed situations.

Played by: Marion Cotillard
Mal is Cobb’s late wife and she’s know as “The Shade”. Mal killed herself after believing her dreamworld was reality. She is frequently seen in Cobb's dreams as a projection of his subconscious.

Favorite Character: Arthur

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Sabrina zei

I've seen Inception. I thought it was a good film but a little much of the same. I thought it was long-winded. It's a good concept though. Arthur was my favourite character.