zaterdag 28 februari 2009

We've got comedy!!

I'm a big comedy fan and laughing is one of my biggest hobbies! I'm not saying that comedy is my favourite movie genre, because not every comedyfilm makes me laugh. It's mostly certain people that make me role on the ground (a figure of speech of course). Here are some of my favourite funny people:

- Jerry Seinfeld: He's just hilarious. His jokes are all so logical, because they are so true. He jokes about general stuff we all deal with, but he just thought it trough.

- Denis Leary: A different kind of humour, a little harsh and dark, but very funny.

- Owen Wilson: Wonderfull sence of humour, charming and of course incredibly handsome....

- Will Ferrell: Even if I just look at the guy, he makes me laugh. Also because of the great - often weird - characters he plays. Especially Frank the Tank from "Old School" is great. When he does gymnastic and when he sings "Dust in the Wind". Brilliant!

- Kristin Wiig: She's one of the funniest people SNL ever had. My favourite character is that woman from the "Two A-Holes". Chewing that gum all the time and making the most ridiculous comments.

- Adam Sandler: Great guy. His movies aren't from a high level, but he sure is funny. When he starts yelling at people he cracks me up. Remember that song he did in "The Wedding Singer" (the one he wrote for the woman that left him at the alter).

- Steve Carell: He has a charming and loveable sense of humour. As Michael in "The Office" he is great but I loved him the most in "The 40 Year Old Virgin". Cool dude!

- Jack Black: Wonderfull! As Lance in "Orange County"....OMG! Hilarious. And his role in "High Fidelity" is also magnificent.

- Jeff Dunham: He created some of the most memorable characters, with Peanut, Walter and Achmed being my favourites. He's a genius.

- Jay Mohr: He's very cool. Don't you just love him in "Gary Unmarried". He hits the nail right on the head.

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