woensdag 27 april 2011

50 Books Challenge - # 23: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

Title: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Author: J.K. Rowling
Story: Harry Potter is on summer break after completing his first year at the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, and his aunt, uncle, and cousin are as mean as ever. Their efforts to prevent his return to Hogwarts are aided by an unknown force: a mysterious elf who shows up and warns Harry that he must never return to the school. Harry is eventually rescued by his classmates and friends, the Weasleys, but getting back to Hogwarts still proves to be a challenge. When he finally does get there, his troubles quickly multiply. Someone has opened the door to the Chamber of Secrets, releasing a deadly monster with the power to kill. Harry is forced to once again confront his archenemy, the Dark Wizard Voldemort, who has a whole new bag of nasty tricks up his sleeve.
Start: april 24th 2011
End: april 26th 2011
Comment: I love J.K. Rowling's imagination. She entertains a large audience with it. I am not the targeted audience Rowling is writing her books for, but I think we adults are enjoying it even more. We can step into a world of pure imagination and feel like a kid again. That's the power of these books. But that makes it extra intense for the children it is actually written for. The part where Harry enters the secret chamber is extremely frightening for a younger group of people. I certainly think the ending was much more interesting than the first one, but it's equally good. I wished Hermoine had a bigger role in this story but I'm glad we could read so much about Ron, who's my favorite. I'm already looking forward to reading all the other books in this series again.
Rating: 5/ 5

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