donderdag 28 april 2011

Best of... Arnold Schwarzenegger

Now he's the gouvenor of California, but he used to be a succesful Hollywood actor. Not one of the best, but he certainly made some fun movies and I think he one of the most beloved action heroes. Here are my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger films.

"The Terminator"
I think this was his big break. In the first Terminator movie, he was a bad guy and he was after Sarah Connor. Complex plot, but super original.

A great 80's action flick! It's not one of his best, but surely worth watching. If you like action, you like this.

How awesome is this! "Predator" is so creepy and Arnold was so cool. When I saw it for the first time I seriously thought he was the most amazing soldier ever.

"The Running Man"
An 80's film but way ahead of its time. This movie is a parody of today's reality TV shows. And Arnold proves that he doesn't only have muscles, he can actually act.

"Total Recall"
This is an intelligent and complex science fiction thriller with all sorts of strange things going on. The futuristic cabdrivers called Johnny Cab and the alien stripper with three boobs. Classic!

"Kindergarten Cop"
I always found this quite enjoyable. Arnie goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher. It's just a lot of fun, a no brainer.

"Terminator 2: Judgement Day"
His best movie and also one of the best movies ever made. Normally sequels can't live up to the first one, but in this series the second is the best. It's an absolute must-see classic.

"Last Action Hero"
This movie isn't supposed to be taken seriously, because it's sort of a parody on action movies in general. That what I like about it. I can watch this movie over and over again.

"True Lies"
Arnie is like an American James Bond. And everything is over the top, which makes it so funny. He works so well together with Jamie Lee Curtis, awesome duo.

"Jingle All the Way"
It's on TV every Christmas. I know almost everyone hates this movie, but I secretly like it. Well, now it's not a secret anymore is it.

"End of Days"
I remember seeing it in the cinema. I liked Arnie's character Jericho, a depressed and drunk man who didn't really understand the meaning of life anymore. It was a different side of him. The movie was very up to date, right before 2000 would start. Great special effects as well.

"The Sixth Day"
Good action, neat visuals and a pretty good plot. Nice movie about clones, I think a must for Schwarzenegger fans.

He also made some really bad ones, I'm not going to mention them. I heard today that he's going to be in the fifth installment of Terminator, which is awesome! And he's also rumored to be in a movie called "The Last Stand".

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