zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Best of... Leslie Mann

I hear you think... WHO??? Well, Leslie Mann is always one of the supporting actresses in a film and she (almost everytime) steals the show with her hilarious appearance. She's mostly famous for her husband, director Judd Apotow, but she has a nice resume of her own. Here are my favorite films.

"The Cable Guy"
Great comedy! Basically we've got to thank Jim Carrey, because Leslie hadn't gotten her fame yet. This movie is so funny and has some great, memorable scenes in it.

"She's the One"
This one was also on the Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz lists. I think not a lot of people remember it very well, but it's a very good and not so standerd romantic movie. Very underrated.

"George of the Jungle"
Not one to take very seriousley, but definitely worth putting on this list. I liked the way this story was told, with a voice-over. It was all a bit over-the-top, but that's why this movie is so enjoyable. It's a parody on Tarzan and fun for young and old audience. One of the first movies I saw Leslie in.

"Big Daddy"
Adam Sandler is the big star here, but I like the interaction between Leslie and Adam very much. Their characters can't stand each other and they delivers us some great jokes and moments.

"Orange County"
Leslie Mann is hilarious is her miniature role as Krista. She playes the new wife of John Lithgow's character and they have a son that doesn't ever listen. That's typical for Mann, no matter how small her role is you never seem the overlook her.

"40 Year Old Virgin"
I think this is my favorite movie and my favorite Leslie role on this list. She's one of Steve Carell's hook-ups and she is crazy as hell. She tries to drunk drive and she curses a lot. I was roling on the ground of laughter.

"Knocked Up"
Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen are the leading stars, but Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd play this uber-funny married couple trying to give the other couple advise. Especially Leslie rocks when she's taking the pregnancy test with her sister.

"Funny People"
She teams up with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen again. This is a bit different. It's not hilarious humor, a bit more introvert. But I loved this movie very much. Especially when Leslie's character Laura tried to immitate her husbands Australian accent.

"Drillbit Taylor"
Owen Wilson steals the show and so do the kids. Leslie plays the love interest and this is actually a pretty standard movie. But it was fun and I liked Leslie.

I didn't see "I Love You Phillip Morris" and "17 Again" and she's starring in "The Change Up" now with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. After making this list I realized how many fun and entertaining films she's made.

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