dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Pinkpop Day 3

For us it was the second day, but overall it was the third day of the festival. Everything went very smoothly this time. The first band we saw monday was Scouting for Girls. Didn't really expect much, but they were actually really good. Especially when they played "This Ain't a Lovesong". We saw a little bit of The Plain White T's. They are okay, but they didn't really impress me much. Beatsteaks did a better job. Never heard of them before, but a real good band from Germany. And a very entertaining lead singer. Next stop was The Gaslight Anthem. My brother told me they were very good and I can now agree. Amazing band, great songs. Really good! We saw Volbeat, but after hearing one song, we heard it all. Not very surprising. We left this act earlier to see Band of Horses. I was really looking forward to see them. And I got what I wanted. Great atmosphere and they gave me the chills a couple of times. Especially when they did "Funeral", such a beautiful song. Then we saw 30 Seconds to Mars. I really wanted to see them, but it wasn't what I expected. They started out very well and I love their music, but then it went downhill. Jared Leto is entertaining, but he abused his fame. He let the audience sing big parts of the songs (I payed to hear you sing, not the audience), he asked the people to jump every freaking song or to take three more steps forward (really dangerous, we all got squashed). And the fans.... it was like a Justin Bieber concert, all those screaming girls, come on it's a rock band! We left earlier then we planned. We got a pretty nice spot to watch the Foo Fighters and damn were they awesome. Best perfomance of the festival. And I'm seriously in love with Dave Grohl (okay, not for real but he's awesome). They played for two hours (a half hour longer then planned) and the played non-stop. Songs like "My Hero", "Times Like These", "The Pretender", "Best of You", "Learn to Fly", "Break Out", "Walk" and "Rope". They closed with "Everlong", my favorite song. And drummer Taylor Hawkins sang two songs, one of them being Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down". Those guys really showed us how it should be. AWESOME, thanks guys. Here are some photo's.

Scouting for Girls, a surprisingly fun band to watch.

Beatsteaks with the very energetic lead singer Arnim Teutoburg-WeiƟ.

The Gaslight Anthem. I'm glad I discovered this band!

Band of Horses

30 Seconds to Mars, a bit of a disappointment.

Last but not least The Foo Fighters. It was hard to make pictures, but like with the Colplay photos you get the idea.

My top five performances of the festival:
# 5. Manic Street Preachers/ Band of Horses (couldn't choose, sorry)
# 4. The Gaslight Anthem
# 3. Alter Bridge
# 2. Lifehouse
# 1. Foo Fighters

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