woensdag 1 juni 2011

Best of... Stephen King (movies)

With "The Dark Tower" in the making I thought it would be time to make a list of my favorite movies based on books by the master Stephen King. My brother, who's a big fan, has a lot of his books and I read most of them. I saw a lot of movies as well and I could create a great list of fantasic films. Here it is.

"Storm of the Century"
A very chilling and incredible story. King didn't only write the book but also the script.

This one is based on a short story and is about a haunted hotelroom. John Cusack is in it and in my opinion he turns (almost) everything into gold. Great choice for the leading role.

"Children of the Corn"
A very solid horror flick, with some genuine creepy moments. I actually didn't read the book yet.

And they wonder why so many people are affraid of clowns. They creep me out too. Especially after seeing this movie. Pennywise, very well portrayed by Tim Curry, is one of the creepiest movie characters ever. Great film.

"Secret Window"
A story with a surprise ending. A great thriller, strong acting by Johnny Depp.

"Hearts in Atlantis"
King is not just a horror author. His more serious, non-supernatural stories are just as interesting. Just as this one. Even if you're not a Stephen King fan, you will probably like it.

"The Green Mile"
It's a touching and sometimes even heartbreaking story that follows the origanal story pretty well. Tom Hanks is fantastic, as always.

"The Shining"
One of the scarriest films I've ever seen. Thanks to Jack Nicholson, who does a great job as Jack Torrance. The movie is different from the book, but it's still very good.

"The Mist"
This one really surprised me! Very good adaptation, with one of the most depressing endings I've ever seen.

"Stand By Me"
The second best movie on this list. This is such a great story about friendschip, loyalty, dreams and life in general. Four loving characters, with Verne being my favorite, and their journey to adulthood.

The power of this film is Kathy Bates' fantastic performance as Annie Wilkes. She seems so sweet and innocent, but she turns out to be a sadistic and obsessed freak. And the scene with the crushed feet is chilling!

"The Shawshank Redemption"
Off course this one is on the list. My all-time favorite movie. Based on a short story. This movie is one of the few that's better then its book. The acting is genius, great story, strong characters, etcetera. Just perfect!

A very sad story, about revenge. Whatever comes around, goes around. You feel sorry for Carrie and not at all for all those people who die in the end.

"Apt Pupil"
I've only seen this once, a long time ago, but I remember liking it.

"Cat's Eye"
A great movie, with three stories. Sometimes very absurd, but King can get away with it. The story about the man who wanted to quit smoking is my favorite. And like I said, if anyone other then King would've written this story, people wouldn't like it as much.

I'm really curious about "The Dark Tower". Ron Howard is directing and Javier Bardem is set to lead in this adaptation. It will hit theatres in 2012 or 2013, we'll see.

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