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In the Picture: The Characters from "10 Things I Hate About You"

I'm not a fan of teen comedies, but "10 Things I Hate About You" is one of the few in that genre that is actually good and fun to watch. And I can watch it over and over again. Here are the most important characters of the film.

Kat Stratford
Played by: Julia Stiles
She is a kick ass girl with her own ambitions and will. Kat doesn't like boys in general because she was hurt by one very badly. She's very strong and she doesn't give a damn about what other people think of her. Kat likes rock music, is a feminist, and is very smart.

Patrick Verona
Played by: Heath Ledger
Most people are affraid of Patrick, but there's really no reason to. He has a bad boy look and image, but he's not bad at all. He's actually very kindhearted, but wants people to think he's a badass so he doesn't have to interact with them. Patrick has to take Kat out, but eventually falls in love with her.

Bianca Stratford
Played by: Larisa Oleynik
She's Kat's younger sister and the complete opposite of her. Bianca is interested in fashion, make-up and boys and that makes her a bit shallow. After meeting Cameron we find out she's a bit more then just another pretty face. Bianca is a very social and sweet girl, with more potential.

Cameron James
Played by: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Cameron falls for Bianca on the first day at his new school. He knows what he wants, Bianca, and he does everything in his power to get her. Although Cameron is a very shy guy by nature, he's not affraid to be honest to the people around him. Cameron is probably the best guy any high-school girl could end up with.

Joey Donner
Played by: Andrew Keegan
The pretty boy. Every girl wants to date Joey Donner, but with him the looks is pretty much all you get. He's a major jerk and not the sharpest tool in the shed either. All the girls love him, all the guys don't.

Michael Eckman
Played by: David Krumholtz
Michael tries to make Cameron feel at home at the school. He does everything with the best intentions, but not a lot of people appreciate it. Michael is considered a loser and other students pick on him all the time. He just lets it happen and knows he will never be the most popular kid in the school.

Played by: Susan May Pratt
She's Kat's best friend. Mandella loves Shakespeare and she pictures herself in a romantic world as William S. describes it in his poems. She's very spiritual and is a little more open then her friend Kat.

Played by: Gabrielle Union
Chastity is Bianca's best friend and even more superficial then B. She's one of those girls that wants Joey Donner and she doesn't care about anything but his looks. Chastity isn't actually a very true friend to Bianca and therefore perfect for an ass such as Joey.

Mrs. Perky
Played by: Allison Janney'
Mrs. Perky is a pretty strange teacher. She swears in front of her students and she's busy writing a novel with some pretty obscene wordchoices.

Walter Stratford
Played by: Larry Miller
He's Bianca and Kat's dad and trying to deal with his teenage daughters who are so different from each other. He is very traditional and doesn't like the fact that Bianca is so interested in boys. He only wants her to date when Kat does, but he knows she probably wouldn't. When Kat also goes on a date, he has to let Bianca go and he has to face the fact: his daughters are growing up.

Favorite Character: Kat Stratford

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