zondag 12 juni 2011

Pinkpop Day 1

Yesterday it was the first day of Pinkpop, the biggest music festival in The Netherlands. It's spread out over three days. Getting in was kind of a problem, so nothing ran smoothly. We needed a wrist band and we didn't get one. Ever person send us in a different direction, so it took a while for us to eventually get those wrist bands. The first band we saw were The Manic Street Preachers. Never saw them live before but we (my brother and I) always wanted to. They were awesome. They played 'Motorcycle Emptyness','If You Tolerate This', 'Design for Life' and many more. Next stop was Lifehouse, probably the main reason I wanted to go the first day. Because we had to go from one stage to the other, we mist part of the first song. But still I got to enjoy 'Halfway Gone', 'Broken', 'You and Me', 'Spin', 'First Time', 'Hanging By A Moment' and some other great songs. And I'm really glad they played 'Take Me Away', which is one of my favorite songs and they didn't play that when I saw them in Tilburg. After that, Lifehouse was going to sign. And yes! Jason, Rick, Ben and Bryce all signed my copy of "Smoke & Mirrors". I was super happy and nothing could ruin my day anymore. Not even the stupid wrist bands I didn't get at first. While we were waiting in line for the autographs, we saw Elbow and after that we saw Alter Bridge. The big surprise of the day. Damn they were good. Singer Miles Kennedy never missed a note and they had some great songs. We actually planned on leaving their show earlier, so we had a good view for Coldplay, but we wanted to see the rest of Alter Bridge. Coldplay was the headliner of the first day. They were good, nice show with fireworks and laserbeams. I got the chills when they played 'Fix You', but I kinda missed 'Lovers in Japan' and 'Life in Technicolor II'. All in all we had a great day, even though it didn't start all that well. On sunday we're going to stay home, to re-load. Monday, the last day of Pinkpop, we will go again. Here are some photos.

The Manic Street Preachers

Couldn't get closer, but I did see Lifehouse again.

My happy Lifehouse moment, after getting their autographs. The guys were super nice, Jason actually shook my hand and ask me how I was doing. Thank God my idols are nice people!

Alter Bridge, very cool band. Singer Miles Kennedy looked like Kevin Dillon.

And Coldplay, couldn't really make any good pictures. But you get the idea.

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