dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Best of... Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer is one actress that I've liked for so many years. And she's still on of my favorites list. There are so many great films she's made and she aged well. Here are my favorite Michelle Pfeiffer movies.

The best performance is off course by Al Pacino and he made this film a succes. Michelle Pfeiffer looks very beautiful and is adequate in her role. This is one of the best movies in film history.

"The Witches of Eastwick"
This movie has something for anyone. Fantasy, horror, comedy, it's all there. This is a supernatural version of the 'The Battle of the Sexes'. Together with Cher and Susan Sarandon she plays one of the three witches that request for the perfect man, whom arrives in the form of Jack Nicholson's character Daryl.

"Tequila Sunrise"
It's not the most original story, but "Tequila Sunrise" is full of effective plot twists. Michelle Pfeiffer actually gives more depth to the story with her character and shows us that the woman in a love triangle is not just a trophy role.

"Dangerous Liaisons"
Michelle stars with Glenn Close and John Malkovich in this story about sex, seduction and deception set in 18th century France. It's a morality tale, but one that fascinates in its exposure of ego, vanity, intrigue and the war between the genders, subjects that are timeless in their relevance.

"The Fabulous Baker Boys"
It's a dreamy and romantic movie, yet cynical. The Bridges brothers are great in combination with Michelle. I don't think a lot of people saw this movie so it's underappreciated.

"Frankie and Johnny"
The second time Michelle Pfeiffer teamed up with Al Pacino. Also a movie that has been overlooked by many. It's a simple and genuine approach to different themes like yearning for love, fearing it and hoping to find it.

"Batman Returns"
Batman movies are great, even if you're not a fan of superhero movies or comic book adaptations. Michelle really gives it all in her role as Catwoman. She's the perfect woman for the job.

"The Age of Innocence"
Not a typical Scorsese movie and not his best work, but it definitely deserves a spot on this list. This is not for the people who like fast paced stories or the usual Scorsese stuff. If you liked the novel, you will probably enjoy the film as well.

This is my favorite on the list. "Wolf" has always captivated me. It's a werewolf movie done in style. Nicholsons acting was refreshingly low-keyed and Michelle is not just perfect eye candy for the guys. She gives away a very solid performance.

"Dangerous Minds"
I remember that this movie was very popular when it came out. Now I'm a teacher the movie speaks even more to me then it did back then. Michelle Pfeiffer is fantastic in this film!

"One Fine Day"
Not her best, but a very enjoyable feel-good film, where she appears on George Clooney's side.

"What Lies Beneath"
I remember seeing this film in the cinema and it was pretty scary. I always like suspense movies, with a lot of scares in it. Harrison Ford is good, but Michelle is even better.

"I Am Sam"
I liked how this movie made you think about parenting. Sam was a great parent because he showed unconditional love to his daughter, but he couldn't teach her basic stuff like math. Rita could provide for her son perfectly, but barely had any time for him. Sean Penn stole the show, Michelle did very well too.

"White Orleander"
It's based on a terrific novel. Especially Michelle Pfeiffer gives away a stunning performance and this is just such a beautiful story about a teenagers journey through a series of foster homes.

i didn't expect to like this movie. Don't you just love it when Michelle pretends to be a bitch? Or a witch in this case.

I didn't really like "Hairspray", it's one of the most disappointing musicals I saw. And although she paired up with Bruce Willis for "The Story of Us" it didn't make my list. I hope Michelle will go on and make more great movies, because she hasn't yet lost it.

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Anoniem zei

I love your list of Pfeiffer films. Michelle is legendary to me because NO ONE, and I say NO ONE, has ever matched and will ever match her wonderful work in her late 80s and early ’90s days: Dangerous Liaisons, Married to the Mob, Tha Fabulous Baker Boys, Frankie & Johnny, Batman Returns and The age of Innocence. Unbeatable stuff. Such incomparable star charisma and depth. She is and will always be the best. So different. So real. So magnificent.