vrijdag 29 juli 2011

In the Picture: The Characters from "The Kids Are All Right"

I only saw this movie recently for the first time. I loved it right away and I was really impressed with how well all the actors portrayed the characters. I real clever film and both funny and dramatic.

Nicole "Nic" Allgood
Played by: Annette Bening
Nic is a succesful doctor and has a serious view on life. She is happy with life the way it is and doesn't like change. So when her children let Paul in to their life, Nic is really hurt and worried that he will disrupt the family dynamic. Especially when the kids and her wife seem to like Paul.

Jules Allgood
Played by: Julianne Moore
Jules is Nic's wife and a bit more free spirited than Nic. Jules never cared much for a career, but has always been interested in landscaping. She is trying to realize that dream and becomes closer to Paul. In him she finds someone who respects her and gives her the attention she needs.

Paul Hatfield
Played by: Mark Ruffalo
Paul is a man who loves women but is also very attached to his freedom. In the early ninetees he donated sperm to a sperm bank and Jules and Nic were the receivers. Although Paul never aspired to become a father, he's very open to the idea of meeting the kids. And he likes being around them and changes the world of the whole Allgood family.

Joni Allgood
Played by: Mia Wasikowska
Joni has just turned 18 and is in a turning point of her life. She is about to leave for college but indifferent about a lot of things. There's this boy she likes, but Joni is too shy to give in to that. Meeting her biological father changes a lot for her, although she wasn't the one who initially wanted to meet him. She connects with him very easily and opens up to him.

Laser Allgood
Played by: Josh Hutcherson
Because Laser is only 15, he can not contact his biological father yet, so he sets up his older sister Joni to do it for him. At first, Laser wasn't all that impressed with Paul. He becomes very close with Paul and even takes his advice on ending his friendship with friend Clay, even though his mothers gave him the same advice.

Favorite Character: Paul Hatfield

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