zaterdag 2 juli 2011

In the Picture: The Characters from "Toy Story"

Disney movies are great, even when your getting older. Off course the handdrawn animated movies have more charm, but I came to love the Pixar movies. "Toy Story" is one of my favorites and here are all the important characters from the first installment.

Voiced by: Tom Hanks
Woody is Andy's favorite toy. He loves Andy with all his heart and he is devastaded when he finds out about his newest toy. Woody is a very jealous cowboy when he finds out that Andy is paying more attention to Buzz and he tries to do anything in his power to become Andy's number one again. Woody is a leader and someone others trust.

Buzz Lightyear
Voiced by: Tim Allen
Buzz is Andy's new favorite toy and he's loving it. He's a bit unwordly, he can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Buzz is a very confused astronaut after entering the world of Andy and his toys. But he means well. He just wants to fit in with the rest of the toys.

Voiced by: Wallace Shawn
Rex is an excitable, large, plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex. He's very curious, suffers from anxiety and is constantly concerned that he isn't scary enough. Rex is a loveable dinosaur, not very smart but big hearted and a true friend.

Voiced by: John Ratzenberger
Hamm is a wise-cracking piggy bank and a realist. Out of all the toys he seems to have the most knowledge about the outside world.

Slinky Dog Voiced by: Jim Varney
Slinky is a dachshund with a metal slinky for a body and he's like every other dog: faithful to its owner. He's Woody's go-to-guy when he needs advice or an opinion.

Mr. Potato Head
Voiced by: Don Rickles
Mr. Potato Head is very moody and always sarcastic. With his many faces, he has a great sense of humour and only one wish: a Mrs. Potato Head for Andy's birthday.

Voiced by: John Morris
Andy is a kid like any other kid. Enthusiastic and thrilled for its new toys. He has always been very attached to his doll Woody, but even Andy needs a change once in a while. Buzz is that change. But he found a place in his heart for both Woody and Buzz.

Voiced by: Erik von Detten
Sid is the kid that lives next door to Andy and his family. He is the complete opposite, because he doesn't really take good care of his toys. He blows them up, disfigures them and reattaches other parts to different toys.

Bo Peep
Voiced by: Annie Potts
She herds sheep and is really sweet and pretty. Woody secretly likes her and blushes everytime he sees her. She's calm and loving but can also be daring and seductive.

Voiced by: Jeff Pidgeon
The cute three-eyed aliëns live in a claw game. Buzz hides in it when he thinks it's a spaceship and after he meets hundreds of them, the aliëns see him as their leader. They are very obedient.

Favorite Character: Rex

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