donderdag 7 juli 2011

Brandon Flowers Concert

Yesterday me and my brother Frank went to see Brandon Flowers. The only concert he gave in our country, completely sold out. Before Brandon came on, Fran Healy gave away a one-man show. He's the frontman for the band Travis and it was just him and his guitar. Pretty good performance and easy on the ears. Brandon Flowers came next and he played most of the hits on his album "Flamingo". I was super happy to hear "Magdalena" and "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" and off course "Only the Young" and "Crossfire" were part of his setlist. He played my favorites of the album. He also did his version of Kim Carnes' song "Bette Davis' Eyes", which was awesome. He did three Killers song: "Losing Touch", "Read My Mind" and "Mr. Brightside". The only downside was that his performance lasted for only a bit more then an hour. Overall it was a great show, Brandon sang very well, you could see he enjoyed performing, and he's even more handsome then on TV! We love you Mr. Flowers and thanks for a wonderful show.

Here are some pictures. Not very good quality, but we had a great night and that's more important.

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