vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Movie Moments: "The Hunger Games"

"The Hunger Games" is definitely one of the coolest and most fantastic movies I've seen this year. And it's full of great moments, recognizable for those who read the book. Here are my favorite scenes.

Moment # 1: Hunting
Katniss is hunting and sees a deer. She is about to shoot it when Gale appears and the deer runs away.

Moment # 2: Gale’s plan
Katniss and Gale are talking about the hunger games. Gale has a plan, he says they could run away. But Katniss doesn’t think they’ll make it.

Moment # 3: The reaping
The day of the reaping has come and Effie Trinkett is about to pick the tributes. When she pulls out the girls name, she calls out Prim’s name. She’s scared and Katniss volunteers as tribute. Peeta is the male tribute for district 12.

Moment # 4: Gale’s promise
Katniss and Gale have a few minutes before she has to leave. He tells Katniss that she can hunt and that she will win. Katniss wants him to promise her that he’ll take care of her family and that Gale doesn’t let them starve.

Moment # 5: Meeting Haymitch
Katniss and Peeta meet Haymitch Abernathy, the man who’s supposed to get them ready for the hunger games. He’s drunk and not really in the mentoring mood.

Moment # 6: Tribute parade
Peeta and Katniss take part in the tribute parade. They surprise everyone with their flaming costumes.

Moment # 7: “Thank you for you consideration”
Katniss has to show of her skills in the last evaluation. She gets a bow and arrow and misses the target. Gamemaker Seneca Crane and his fellow watchers start laughing and stop paying attention. Even when Katniss does hit the target. All of a sudden Katniss shoots an apple, in the middle of the crowd and thanks the men for their consideration.

Moment # 8: Eleven
Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Effie and Cinna are waiting for the evaluation. Peeta got an 8 and Katniss and 11. She’s officially the favorite of the hunger games.

Moment # 9: The night before
Katniss and Peeta can’t sleep and have a conversation the night before the hunger games.

Moment # 10: Cinna and Katniss say goodbye
Cinna is the last person Katniss sees before she enters the hunger games arena. He gives Katniss her jacket and he put the mockingjay pin on it. Katniss is getting scared and when she’s in the tube she realizes that this is it.

Moment # 11: Cornucopia
The countdown starts and all the tributes are standing in the cornucopia. When the clock stops, all the tributes start running and fighting for their lives. Katniss grabs a bag and runs into the woods.

Moment # 12: Tracker Jackers
Katniss was chased by some tributes from district 1 and 2. She is in a tree and when she wakes up she sees Rue. She points to a hive of Tracker Jackers, genetically manipulated wasps. Katniss cuts the branch and the hive falls down. The other tributes run for their lives and Katniss has time to get away.

Moment # 13: Rue dies
Katniss is attacked by Marvel, but she strikes first and kills him. But Rue is also hit and dies in Katniss’ arms. She makes sure Rue gets a proper burial.

Moment # 14: Gale sees Katniss and Peeta kiss
Katniss found a wounded Peeta and decides to take care of him. Peeta wants to know why she helps him and Katniss kisses him. Gale sees it on t.v. an is annoyed by it.

Moment # 15: Hounds
The gamemaker wants some action and sends some blood thirsty hounds after Katniss and Peeta.

Moment # 16: Katniss and Peeta win
After Cato was killed by the hounds, Peeta and Katniss are the only two ones left. Adjusted rules say they won, but again there is a change. Only one of them can win and Peeta thinks it should be Katniss. Katniss doesn’t agree and she gives Peeta some poisonous berries. They both want to eat them, so there will be no winner this year. Right before they eat them, the game is stopped and Peeta and Katniss win the game.

Moment # 17: Katniss sees Gale
Katniss and Peeta return to district 12 and Katniss sees that Gale kept his promise. He’s with Prim and her mother, who both seem happy to see her. When Peeta sees Katniss looking at Gale and smiling, he grabs her hand.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 13: Rue Dies

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