zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Movie Moments: "The Notebook"

"The Notebook" is one of the best lovestories ever told. The book is great, so great I reread it this year. The movie is also beautiful and I have my favorite moments. Here they are.

Moment # 1: The carnival
Noah meets Allie for the first time. He falls for her right away. When he asks her to dance Allie says no but Noah doesn’t take no for an answer. When she’s in the ferris wheel with another guy, Noah jumps on the ride. He asks her to go out with him, while hanging on a bar with only one hand. His hand is slipping away so she agrees on going out with him. As a payback, Allie pulls down Noah’s pants while he’s still hanging on to the bar.

Moment # 2: Traffic lights
Noah tells Allie he used to watch the traffic lights change with his father, while lying on the street. Allie joins him and tells her about her passion: painting. Than Noah asks her to dance, in the middle of the road with no music playing.

Moment # 3: Allie meets Noah’s father
Allie visits Noah and she meets his father Frank. He likes her right away. Allie gives him a present, a painting she made herself. They start talking about poetry and Frank invities her for breakfast.

Moment # 4: “Say I’m a bird”
Allie and Noah are at the beach and she asks him if she could be a bird in another life. Noah tells her yes, but if she’s a bird, so is he.

Moment # 5: Windsor Plantation
Noah takes Allie to the Windsor Plantation. He tells her he wants to fix it up someday. Allie would want a white house, with blue shutters, a room overlooking the river so she can paint and a porch surrounding the house. While Allie starts playing the piano, they start kissing and want to have sex. They get naked, but decide to not go trough with it.

Moment # 6: Geese
Noah wants to take Allie somewhere to show her something. He takes her rowing and the place they visit is filled with geese. While sitting in the boat, Allie tells Noah he’s different, but also the same. When Noah and Allie are heading back, it starts to rain and all they can do is laugh,

Moment # 7: The kiss
Allie asks Noah why he never wrote her, because for her it wasn’t over. He tells her he wrote her one letter every day for a year and that it wasn’t over for him either. And it still isn’t. Than they kiss.

Moment # 8: Allie paints again
After staying with Noah for the night, Allie discovers a room overlooking the river, like she always wanted. She starts painting again, after a very long time.

Moment # 9: Allie makes her choice.
Lon is in town and knows about Noah. Allie has to make a decision, who she’s going to be with. She chooses Noah.

Moment 10: Allie remembers
Noah aka Duke has diner with Allie. She wants to know how the story ends. Than suddenly she remembers. The story was about them and she call him Noah. Unfortunately the moments doesn’t last long, because she soon mistakens him for a complete stranger again.

Favorite moment: Moment # 7: The kiss

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