woensdag 5 oktober 2011

In the Picture: The Characters from "The Jane Austen Book Club"

I read the book and I saw the movie and I love them equally as much. Especially because of the characters. Here they are.

Played by: Maria Bello
Jocelyn is an indepedent dog breeder. She is a matchmaker but Jocelyn has been single for a long time. She doesn’t have the need to be with a man. After Sylvia breaks with her husband, Jocelyn is the one who wants to get her back on her feet by introducing her to Grigg.

Played by: Emily Blunt
Prudie is a young French teacher for the local high school. She loves her husband Dean, but she gets confused about her relationship when she meets one of her students. Prudie has a certain attraction to him and she doesn’t know if she should give in to those feelings.

Played by: Kathy Baker
Bernadette is an enthusiastic woman and the most talkative of all the members. It was her idea to form a book club, especially for her friend Sylvia. Bernadette has been married multiple times, but she is happy with her lifestyle.

Played by: Hugh Dancy
Grigg is the only male member of the club. Jocelyn invited him to join the club with the intention of distracting Sylvia. Grigg, on the other hand, is more interested in Jocelyn. Grigg is an avid reader and prefers science-fiction, but for Jocelyn he’s willing to read the entire work of Jane Austen.

Played by: Amy Brenneman
Sylvia has been friends with Jocelyn for a very long time and she’s in a struggeling situation. Her husband DaniĆ«l cheated on her and she divorced him. The book club was started for her and it really seems to distract her from all the misery in her life.

Played by: Maggie Grace
Alegra is Sylvia’s daughter. She’s artistic, because she makes her own jewelry. Alegra is also known as a thrillseeker. She likes rock climbing and skydiving. She’s a lesbian and was betrayed by her partner Corinne, who is a writer and stole her most personal stories for her own succces.

Favorite Character: Jocelyn

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