donderdag 13 oktober 2011

Top 5 Thursday: "CSI" Characters

My all-time favorite TV show. My top 5 changed a couple of times already, because of new characters. But the top three has been practically the same ever since I started watching the show. Here are my five favorite characters from "CSI".

5. Morgan Brody
She appeared as a guest star in the episode “Cello and Goodbye” in season 11. I liked her right away, so I was very excited to hear she would become a series regular. Morgan is a young woman with a fresh view on things and I already see some kind of attraction between her and Greg, but I think she might like Nick more.

4. Warrick Brown
Warrick was without a doubt the coolest CSI. His death really shocked me and that was the first time a CSI episode made me cry. I always loved his friendship with Nick and his flirtatious behaviour towards Catherine.

3. Greg Sanders
When he was just a lab guy he was the funny one everyone messed with. Since season 5 he became more serious and he turned into a great CSI. Greg went through the most change of all the characters and his character also got more depth through the years.

2. Catherine Willows
Catherine is a wonderful person. She is a great leader, a strong woman and very helpful to her friends and co-workers. I really love the storylines she’s in, especially in “Built to Kill” her role is really intense.

1. Nick Stokes
I don’t only like him for his good looks. Nick is smart, good with people, kind and a real teamplayer. I liked him “Stalker”, “Grave Danger” and “Gum Drops”. I've always found him the most interesting and the one with the best storylines. I just hope he finds a nice woman, Morgan for instance...

They almost made the top 5: Sofia Curtis, Wendy Simms, Archie Johnson, Mandy Webster and Ray Langston

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