donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Top 5 Thursday: Favorite Male Doctors on “Grey’s Anatomy”

I hate going to the doctor or hospital. That's why my last appointment was... let's just say a very long time ago. But if we had doctors like the ones in "Grey's Anatomy" maybe I would go more often, haha. Here are my favorite male doctors from that show.

5. George O’Malley
George is just such a good hearted man, a great friend and a fantastic doctor and collegue. It broke my heart when he died, the sweetest doctor of Seattle Grace Hospital.

4. Alex Karev
When the show started, Alex was my guy. That changed after just a couple episodes because it turned out he was a douche. But even with the big mouth that Alex has, comes an even bigger heart. Even Alex has his soft side.

3. Derek Shepherd
I think he takes over the top spot on many lists, but unfortunately not mine. Off course this man is very handsome and extremely charming. Sometimes Derek is just too good to be true, but I started to like him more when I discovered some flaws. He really deserves that nickname: McDreamy.

2. Mark Sloan
Mark is a guy you just want to slap in the face because he’s so bad, but than you just want to kiss him too. Mark is irresistible and I normally hate the playboys. But come on ladies…. it’s Mark Sloan. And he’s become more responsible and caring ever since he became the father of Sofia. And I just can't forget that shower scene...

1. Jackson Avery
Jackson took over the top spot just recently. He’s not only the hottest guy on the show, but Jackson is a kind, gentle, sweet and caring man. Lexie Grey is the luckiest girl ever and the one with the best taste. She got to be with both number one and two.

They almost made the top 5: Owen Hunt

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