zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

Movie Moments: "Little Miss Sunshine"

As being one of my favorite movies of all-time, I just had to spotlight it in this item. It's not a very long movie, but it has so many memorable scenes in it. Here they are, my favorite moments from "Little Miss Sunshine".

Moment # 1: Opening
We see Olive while she is watching a Miss America Pageant. She’s practicing her winners face. Than Richard while he’s presenting his 9 steps programm. Dwayne is lifting weights and doing pull-ups, while grandpa is coking up. Sheryl is on her way to her brother Frank, who tried to kill himself. We see the movie title and hear “The Winner Is” by DeVotchKa .

Moment # 2: Aaaaaah!
Olive gets a phonecall from her aunt Cindy. She can compete in a beauty pageant called Little Miss Sunshine, in Redondo Beach, California. Olive is very excited about it and starts screaming, runs around the house and starts packing for their trip.

Moment # 3: Waffles a la mode
Olive orders waffles a la mode, which means it comes with icecream. Richard starts talking about how fat you can get by eating icecream and that all the miss America contestants are skinny. Olive starts doubting wether or not to eat the icecream, because she loves it so much. Grandpa, Frank, Dwayne and Sheryl persua her into eating it. And she does.

Moment # 4: Pushing the van
Because the van broke, they can’t just start the car and drive of. They have to push the van, run and than get in the van one at a time. This is also the first time we see Frank in a joyfull mood.

Moment # 5: Where’s Olive?
After a stop at a gasstation the quirky bunch gets on the road again. Than all of a sudden Dwayne realizes Olive isn’t in the van. They turn around and pick up Olive, while the van is still driving.

Moment # 6: “Grandpa, am I pretty”?
Olive and grandpa are rehearsing and practicing her routine. She tells him she’s a bit scared about the competition and ask grandpa is she’s pretty. He tells her she’s the most beautiful girl in the world and that he’s madly in love with her. Olive is scared to be a loser, but grandpa tells her she can’t be a loser because she’s trying so hard to win.

Moment # 7: “Go hug mom”
After they took grandpa to the hospital, Sheryl tells Olive and Dwayne how much grandpa loved them both. Sheryl gets emotional and Dwight tells Olive to go hug mom,

Moment # 8: Stealing grandpa’s body
Grandpa died. Because they can’t leave or take his body, they decide to steal it by carrying it out of the window and into the van. And it doesn’t exactly go smoothly,

Moment # 9: Dwayne speaks
Dwayne hasn’t spoken for 9 months. When he finds out he’s colorblind, he starts freaking out and actually speaks. The first word he says is fuck. Because he’s colorblind, he can’t fly jets, which is his big dream. Olive is the one who manages to comfort him.

Moment # 10: Super freak
It’s time for Olive’s talent, dancing to the song “Super freak”. The presenters want to stop her, because some of her moves are considered obscene. They ask Richard to get her of the stage, but instead he starts dancing with her. And later Frank, Dwayne and Sheryl join them. That's when we can see that even they aren't a standard family, they love each other very much.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 10: Super freak

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