maandag 31 oktober 2011

50 Books Challenge 2011 - # 54: Persuasion by Jane Austen

Title: Persuasion
Author: Jane Austen
Story: Twenty-seven-year old Anne Elliot is Austen's most adult heroine. Eight years before the story proper begins, she is happily betrothed to a naval officer, Frederick Wentworth, but she precipitously breaks off the engagement when persuaded by her friend Lady Russell that such a match is unworthy. The breakup produces in Anne a deep and long-lasting regret. When later Wentworth returns from sea a rich and successful captain, he finds Anne's family on the brink of financial ruin and his own sister a tenant in Kellynch Hall, the Elliot estate. All the tension of the novel revolves around one question: Will Anne and Wentworth be reunited in their love?
Start: october 27th 2011
End: october 31st 2011
Comment: I don't like to admit it, but I can be a hopeless romantic if I'm in the right mood. Jane Austen books are perfect for those moments. In Jane Austen's time, young women were taught that it was practically their duty to 'marry well'. But if a woman turned down a suitor for being poor, she ran the risk of losing the man she loved. That's the problem for Anne Elliott, the heroine of Jane Austen's final novel. Many say that Anne was based on Austen herself. The message that "Persuasion" carries to follow your instincts and not let distractions and others persuade you otherwise. A message I believe in but it's really hard to execute. "Persuasion" isn't my favorite Austen novel, but I love it so much like all her books. She can carry you away with her stories.
Rating: 5/ 5

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