woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Zorro the Musical

Yesterday me and my mother went to see a musical in our local theatre. It had been a while since our last musical visit, so we were very excited. We all know the story of Zorro and the musical was filled with Spanish songs, by the Gypsy Kings. Tommie Christiaan played Zorro and he was great. Lone van Rosendale played one of the female leads, she had the best role and had great humor. The villain was played by René van Kooten, who is without a doubt our favorite musical actor. He only had one song in this play, but goosebumps overall! It was a fantastic musical, one to look back on. Here are some pictures we made.

The decor, before the musical started.

Me and the star of the musical. He's signing my book.

In front of their tourbus. First me (with very zombie like eyes...) and second my mom.

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