maandag 3 oktober 2011

Movie Moments: "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy"

I already spotlighted the characters once so now I'm sharing my favorite moments of "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" with you.

Moment # 1: Introduction
We meet Ron Burgendy and we see how he works. We come to the conclusion already that he’s not your typical anchorman. We also meet his newsteam, who tell us what they have to offer. The Channel 4 newsteam is a funky bunch.

Moments # 2: Ron meets Veronica
When Ron meets Veronica, he tells her she has an absolutely breath-taking heiney and that he wants to be friends with it. Ron starts bragging about how important he is and when he realizes he screwed up, he starts over. When he does, he tells her he wants to be on her. Smooth…

Moment # 3: Brick ate a candle
During their staff meeting, after the party, Brian and Champ tell the others what happened to them in the morning. Appearantly Brick ate a red candle.

Moment # 4: The toilet store
The Channel 4 newsteam meets up with the Evening news team and they starts insulting each others clothes. Brick asks them if they got their clothes at the toilet store.

Moment # 5: Party in my pants
Brick tries to invite Veronica to the pantsparty. He means the party in his pants, which Veronica doesn’t want to go to. Next he asks Ian the same question, which tells us Brick doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Moment # 6: Massive erection
Veronica and Ron are talking to each other when she tells Ron he has a massive erection. He says it’s an optical illusion, because of the pants.

Moment # 7: Ron plays jazzfluit
Ron’s friend Tino asks him to play the jazzfluit. Ron says he’s not prepared and than he pulls out the fluit from his jacket. The weirdest performance ever! But people actually give him a standing ovation.

Moment # 8: I love lamp
The newsteam is talking about love and what it means. Brick starts naming objects he loves, like “I love lamp”.

Moment # 9: Afternoon delight
In that same conversation, Ron tries to explain it and the newsteam starts singing “Afternoon Delight”.

Moment # 10: Glass cage of emotion
After an angry biker kicked his dog Baxter of a bridge, Ron calls Brian to tell him about it. He can’t really talk because he keeps crying. When Brian asks him where he is, Ron tells him he’s in a glass cage of emotions.

Moment # 11: The fight
The Channel 4 newsteam meets up with the Evening news team again. The Channel 2 news team, Public newsteam and Spanish language newsteam join them. They start a big fight with only one rule: No touching of the face and hair. They have all sorts of weapons. Brick even has a handgrenade. He’s just standing there with the grenade in his hand and all he does is scream. But Brick is eventually the only guy who actually kills someone.

Moment # 12: Ron vs. Veronica
Ron and Veronica start insulting each other. Ron calls her a silly pirate hooker and Veronica says he looks like a blueberry. When Veronica says he has stupid hair, he really gets angry. They start fighting each other.

Moment # 13: News team assemble
Ron gets a phonecall from his boss that they need him for the news again. He uses a seashell for a horn to call out for his newsteam and yells: “Newsteam assemble”! The team has been standing behind him all that time.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 11: The fight

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