donderdag 4 oktober 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Sexiest Men of the Moment

There are a lot of sexy guys on this planet, just Hollywood alone… I change my opinion all the time and a top 5 never stays the same. So maybe in the future I will change this top 5 again. Here are the sexiest men of the moment. Just to prepare you, mine does NOT include Rober Pattinson (yuk…).

5. Chris Hemsworth
He has the word man written all over him. I would love to have a tall, strong man like him by my side.

4. Ryan Gosling
Charming as hell, this Ryan Gosling. This is one of those guys that gets sexier while he ages. Not that he’s old, but when he was much younger I didn’t see his appeal yet. Especially in “Drive”… he’s fantastic.

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is definitely the most well-dressed man on this list. I love Jo, he’s funny and I love his movies. “(500) Days of Summer” was simply amazing and his acting in “50/50” was sublime.

2. James Franco
James Franco is just irresistible. Someone you can’t take your eyes of. And with that he’s very talented in many ways. As an actor, director, writer and even a painter. He really bedazzled me in “127 Hours”, what a performance!

1. Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles has been in my list for quite a while and I don’t see him leaving it anytime soon. And he’s been number one all this time. Jensen is practically perfect.

They almost made the top 5: Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr. , George Eads, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Seth MacFarlane

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