maandag 11 februari 2013

In the Picture: The Characters from "Les Misérables"

Because I recently both saw the movie and read the book, I think it's about time to take a look at all the characters from the marvelous story.

Jean Valjean
Played by: Hugh Jackman
Jean Valjean is a Frenchman who was in prison for 19 years, for stealing a loaf of bread, and finally released. Years later he has made a name, but he has broke parole and is still hiding under a false name. Valjean takes care of Cosette, who he adopted and now raises as his own daughter.

Played by: Russell Crowe
Javert is a police inspector. His whole life is dedicated to finding Valjean and imprisoning him once again. Nothing holds him back.

Played by: Anne Hathaway
Fantine is a struggling factory worker and the mother of an illegitimate child called Cosette. She is fired from the factory, owned by Valjean, and is forced to sell her own hair and her body for money in order to keep her daughter alive. After Fantine passes, Valjean takes Cosette under his wing.

Played by: Amanda Seyfried
When her mother is still alive, Cosette lived with an innkeeper and his wife. They didn’t care for her and treated her badly. After Fantine died, Valjean takes Cosette with him and she lives a safe life with him. When she’s older, she meets Marius and falls in love with him.

Marius Pontmercy
Played by: Eddie Redmayne
Marius is a student revolutionary. He lives for his live as a revolutionary, but when he meets Cosette he changes his priority. Marius wants to find her, whatever it takes.

Played by: Samanta Barks
Éponine is Marius friend and follows him in everthing. Marius doesn’t know that she is in love with him, but Éponine is heartbroken when she realizes Marius has already fallen in love with an other woman. Éponine is the daughter of the Thénadiers, the innkeepers that used to take care of Cosette.

Played by: Sacha Baron Cohen
Thénadier is an innkeeper and also a fraud. He steals from his customers and lies about everything just to get money. He sold Cosette to Valjean.

Madame Thénadier
Played by: Helena Bonham Carter
She is Thénadiers wife and just as contrived. Madame Thénadier can put up an act, she can manipulate you. She pretended to care for Cosette so Valjean would pay her more money.

Played by: Aaron Tveit
Enjolras is the leader of the revolutionaries, and Marius’ companion. He has one goal and hates the fact that Marius isn’t all in anymore after meeting Cosette.

Favorite Character: Éponine

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