vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Movie Moments: Orange County

A breakthrough for Tom Hanks' son Colin Hanks, who I think is amazing and should get more attention. I don't know why, but I always loved this movie. I decided to rewatch it and make a list of my favorite moments.

Moment # 1:Meet Shaun
We meet Shaun Brumbder, who’s writing a letter to Marcus Skinner. He tells him about his life in Orange County and how he got the idea of becoming a writer.

Moment # 2: Lance watches Spongebob
Shaun is excited abot his letter from Stanford, but all his lazy brother Lance cares about is Spongebob.

Moment # 3: Wrong Transcript
Shaun didn’t get in to Stanford and he doesn’t understand why. He visits the students counselor and finds out she send in the transcript of a Shane Brainard. He, dumb as he is, did get in to Stanford.

Moment # 4: Visitors
Ashley arranged for Tanya’s grandfather to visit Shaun, he works at Stanford. Shaun gets one more chance to get in to Stanford. His mother is getting ready and puts on a dress that makes her look like a piñata. Shaun tells Lance he needs to stay in his room. When Lance asks him why, Shaun tells him he embarrasses him. When the guest arrive, Shaun’s mom Cindy acts weird and starts telling them her whole life story. Then Lance walks in in his underwear, Shaun’s friends shows up and Bob starts acting mad. Everything is going wrong and Shaun’s last chance is gone.

Moment # 5: Lance driving skills
Lance drives Shaun and Ashley to Stanford, because he can do it in 3 hours. But he’s an awful driver. He hardly pays attention to the road and when something happens he blames the other drivers.

Moment # 6: Lance sets a fire.
When Shaun got the dean of admission to put his name on the list of Stanford attendees and they arrive at the office, they see it’s on fire. Set by Lance.

Moment # 7: Shaun meets Marcus Skinner
Shaun is walking on campus when all of a sudden he sees Marcus Skinner walk by. He asks him about his story and Marcus says he enjoyed reading it. He invites Shaun to his office to talk about the story. He tells Shaun he doesn’t need to leave Orange County to become a good writer, he already is one.

Moment # 8: “You banged mom?”
When Shaun, Lance and Ashley return from Stanford, they see their dad. When he wants to tell them he and their mom got back together Lance asks him: “You banged mom?”

Moment # 9: Shaun stays
The trip wasn’t all for nothing, because Shaun realizes that his inspiration is right in front of him. Shaun decides to stay in Orange County and everybody is happy.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 4: Visitors

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