vrijdag 5 juli 2013

Movie Moments: "Drive"

The best movie experiences are the one where you expect nothing much and you’re eventually blown away. That’s what happened when I saw “Drive” for the first time. What an amazing movie! Here are my favorite scenes.

Moment # 1: The getaway
Driver is waiting in his getaway car, for two robbers. They have a five minute window and they make it right before the sirens come closer. Driver tries to escape an them, he stays calm and collected at all times.

Moment # 2: “You wanna see something?”
Driver takes Irene and Benicio home, but first he wants to show them something. He takes them for a drive, they have a great time.

Moment # 3: Hands
Driver takes Irene out. In the car Irene looks at him, smiles and takes his hand.

Moment # 4: The chase
Driver is helping Standard with his final job, so he can pays his depths. Something goes horribly wrong, which leaves Standard dead and Driver speeding up.

Moment # 5: The hammer
Driver looks up Cook and brings a hammer to the party. First he smashes Cooks hand and the threatens to hit a nail right in his eye.

Moment # 6: The elevator
Driver and Irene are in the elevator when he sees the other passenger is carrying a gun. Driver wants to protect Irene and he pushes her back, kisses her and than he smashes up the guys face.

Moment # 7: Driver kills Nino
Driver just found his friend Shannon who was killed. He wants payback and the person he needs to start with is Nino.

Moment # 8: Driver calls Irene
Driver gives Irene a call to tell her he’s going away and that the time he spend with her and Benicio is the best he ever had.

Moment # 9: The last showdown
Driver meets up with Bernie Rose and he is about to giver Rose the money. Rose stabs him, but Driver fights back and stabs him too. Driver is sitting in the car and when he blinks we see he’s still alive and Rose is lying dead on the ground. Driver drives off, but leaves the money.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 6: The elevator

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