donderdag 11 juli 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Movie Dads

I actually wanted to get this top 5 up around father’s day. Well, we’re way passed that, but it took me some time to come up with the best movie dads. Here they are.

5. Dil Penderghast from “Easy A”
A dad with humor, for some maybe a bit weird and unconventional. But that’s exactly why I like Dil.

4. Clark Griswold from “National Lampoon’s Vacation”
Clark does everything to give his family the time of their lives, but nothing works in his favour. It’s beyond me how this man can always stay so cheery when everything always goes wrong and you have two grumpy kids in the backseat.

3. Bob Parr/ Mr. Incredible from “The Incredibles”
Who wouldn’t want a superhero for a dad? Bob seems like your average man, but he can kick some ass.

2. Chris Gardner from “Pursuit of Happyness”
When mom turned her back on them, Chris Gardner did everything to keep his son on both feet. They went through some hard times, but it eventually paid off.

1. Carl Lee Hailey from “A Time to Kill”
He shot two men in cold blood, but he did that because they raped and almost murdered his 10-year old daughter and he knew they would eventually get out of prison. Any good dad would probably have done the same. I know mine would.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Michael Sullivan in “Road to Perdition”, Bryan Mills in “Taken”, Marlin in “Finding Nemo”, John Quincy Archibald in “John Q”, David Drayton in “The Mist”, Mufasa from “The Lion King”

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