vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Movie Moments: "Pineapple Express"

I’ve wanted this movie for this item for a while now, I just had to rewatch it first. I did so I decided to pick my favorite scenes from “Pineapple Express”.

Moment # 1: Crossjoint
Dale visits Saul to get some weed, when he finds a crossjoint. You light it at three points. They smoke it and say it’s great, but they almost choke on their own coughs and don’t sound like they are enjoying it at all.

Moment # 2: Dale witnesses a murder
Dale is supposed to visit Ted Jones for work, but instead he witnesses him killing someone while sitting in the car. Jones is with a female cop. Dale wants to drive off, but instead he hits two cars which draws the killers’ attention. Dale manages to get away eventually, but he’s in big trouble.

Moment # 3: Getting rid of the phones
Saul thinks it’s better to lose their cellphones, because he thinks the cops will track them down and find them. They have all kinds of ideas like tying the phone to an animal or building a hot air balloon. Dale smashes his phone and Saul wants to smash it on a tree. Instead he throws it in the woods and the phone is lost. Saul’s genius idea to find it: call it.With what Saul?

Moment # 4: Saul, Dale and Red fight
Saul and Dale visit Red. Saul trusts him, but Dale doesn’t. They start a fight, which ends up with Dale punching a hole in the wall and Red being tied up with ducked tape.

Moment # 5: In the dumpster
Saul and Dale are running away and try to hide. In panic Saul jumps in a dumpster, but Dale doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Saul thinks they should still hide there, because he’s in the dumpster already.

Moment # 6: Fork
Dale is trying to tell his girlfriend Angie that she’s in danger, when Saul walks in to warn them. Angie thinks Saul is a bad guy and stabs him with a fork in the back. Saul screams like a girl.

Moment # 7: Police car
Because Saul spilled slushies all over the front window of the police car, he can’t see where he’s going. Saul kicks in the window with his foot, but can’t get it out. Now he has to drive with one foot sticking out of the front window.

Moment # 8: “I love you”
Dale calls Angie to tell her he loves her. Angie takes him back and tells him she wants to marry him. Dale than realizes that she’s very shallow and superficial if she takes him back, because he made a mess.

Moment # 9: Dale’s ear
Matheson, one of the bad guys, shoots Dale in the ear and now there is a piece missing. Dale tries to put it back on.

Moment # 10: Dale saves Saul
While all the weed and the barn it’s in is on fire and Saul is unconscious, Dale has to save him. His pants catch fire, so Dale takes them off. Saul won’t wake up, so he carries Saul outside… in his underpants.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 7 : Police car

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