donderdag 29 januari 2015

Top 5 Thursday: Cringe-worthy Movie Scene

We all know them, those scenes in movies that you just can’t watch. Because the repulse you, give you the chills or are just simply disgusting. Especially because you sometimes didn’t see it coming and are unexpected. Here is my list of cringe-worthy movie scenes. Don’t be afraid, I’m not sharing pictures.

5. Syriana
Torture is never fun to watch, but some films don’t make you watch the gruesome parts. Not “Syriana”. We got to squirm along with George Clooney as his CIA analyst gets his fingernail painstakingly removed with large pliers. Such a small body part to cause such agony.
4. American Histoy X
I’d never heard of ‘curbing’ until I saw “American History X”. When Edward Norton’s hate ideologue Derek Vineyard forces a black car thief to get down on the ground and place his open mouth on the sidewalk curb, teeth gratting, I got sick to my stomach. When Derek stomped on the back of the thief’s head, splittin his head like a melon, I whipped my own head around as if struck. I simply can’t watch this scene.
3. 127 Hours
The story of adventure junkie Aron Ralston was well publicized long before James Franco brought the tale to the big screen, but familiarity did little to quell the effect of the film’s gory amputation scene. And even if you were one of the steel-stomached moviegoers who didn’t pass out, bury you head in the shoulder of the person next to you, or lose your lunch during the scene, it’s likely that the image of the protagonist cutting away his own arm with the aid of a dull pocket knife will pop into you head the next time you’re deciding whether or not you want to tour some visually stunning canyons.
2. Misery
Nobody brings the crazy like Kathy Bates. When author Paul Sheldon veers off the road during a nasty snowstorm, his number one fan promises to nurse him back to health. That is, until she slams a sledgehammer into his ankles to make sure he doesn’t wander from her adoring gaze.
1. Requiem for a Dream
Darren Aronofsky’s drug-spiral odyssey is one cringe-worthy moment after another, but never more so than when Harry shoots heroin into the cavernous black hole of infection that is forming on his arm.
They Almost Made the Top 5: Black Swan, There’s Something About Mary, Reservoir Dogs

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