donderdag 15 januari 2015

Top 5 Thursday: Wes Anderson Movies

I came to the conclusion that I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan. As a creative person, I love his style of filmmaking. I decided to watch and rewatch all of Anderson’s film and then pick my favourites. Here is my top five of Wes Anderson movies.
5. The Darjeeling Limited
For most people this movie ends up at the bottom of the list, but I really liked it. It might surprise many that I choose this over “The Royal Tenenbaums”. The three brothers, the décor of beautiful India, the road trip, I enjoyed it all.
4. Moonrise Kingdom
Just the detailed décor and the witty, sweet and quirky characters and humor alone makes it a great movie experience. “Moonrise Kingdom” is a Wes Anderson movie you can’t miss if you’re a fan.
3. Rushmore
One of Anderson’s earlier films, but definitely one of his best. I loved Max, who wants to be an adult but isn’t.
2. The Grand Budapest Hotel
Ever since I saw the trailer, I knew I was going to love this movie. No doubt about that. And I was right, “The Grand Budapest Hotel’ turned out to be my number 2 film of 2014. It looks beautiful and the cast is amazing.
1. Fantastic Mr. Fox
Anderson brought one of my favourite children’s books to life and he did it in his own, unique way. I love this movie, it’s also one of my all-time favorite movies.

They Almost Made the Top 5: The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Bottle Rocket

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