vrijdag 4 september 2015

100 Movie Challenge 2015 - # 113: De Overgave

Director: Paul Ruven
Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Thriller
Runtime: 93 minutes
Year: 2014
Starring: Rick Engelkes, Sheena Tchai, Dave Mantel, Carly Wijs, Ellen ten Damme, Melody Klaver, Dave Roelvink, Kees Boot, Victoria Koblenko

Description: Two new lovers (Rick Engelkes, Sheena Tchai) want to discover how far each other will go.

Review: I never thought this could be possible, but it happened. There is a Dutch variant on “50 Shades of Grey” and it’s even worse. “De Overgave” is a very bad film.
In “De Overgave” we follow Eva. This bar tender is being watched by actor Tim. He wants her to star in a film with him. There is no script yet, just a book. ‘De Overgave van Floor’ (The surrender of Floor) is the inspiration. While reading, Eva wants to decided whether she is interested or not. This is the start of a reckless relationship and a search for the success behind “50 Shades of Grey”. Because, why do women like these book?
Director Paul Ruven had this based on the book ‘De Overgave van Floor’, a series of Dutch novels that wanted to follow the hype of the “50 Shades of Grey” books. What we get is a tame, bad directed, bad montaged film that never gets exciting or tense. For an erotic thriller it’s not very stimulating.
Those so-called erotic scenes are filmed in black and white, lots of moaning, it’s all very stiff (for the lack of a better word). There is no chemistry between Rick Engelkes and Sheena Tchai and the dialogue is so bad. It’s all film dialogue, no one actually talks like that.
“De Overgave” is a terribly made film, such strange montage. It’s tiring to watch this film. It makes “50 Shades of Grey” look good.

Rating: 0,5/ 5

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