zondag 13 september 2015

Movie Moments: "Marley & Me"

This is one of those movie that make me laugh and smile, but cry like a baby at the end. It was supposed to be a comedy! I just love Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston together and this is such a great film. Here are my favorite moments.

Moment # 1: Puppy Marley
When Jennifer starts talking about children, it frightens John. His friend advised him to start with a dog, to take Jenny’s mind of the kids. So John takes Jenny to see puppies.

Moment # 2: The name
While he’s not named yet, puppy Marley is in the car with John. When the radio plays a Bob Marley song, the puppy barks. This gives John the idea of naming him Marley.

Moment # 3: Damages
When it’s thundering outside, John puts Marley in the garage. When Jennifer and John return home, they see what damage Marley has done to the garage. That is just the beginning.

Moment # 4: Training
Jennifer and John decide to take Marley to a dog training class. Soon it’s clear that Marley is hard to train and he humps the trainer.

Moment # 5: Car window
While riding in a car with Marley, John and Jenny think it’s a good idea if Marley can stick his head out of the window. Not a good idea, because Marley wants to get out of the window. It results in John holding him whil Marley is walking besides the car.

Moment # 6: Marley comforts Jennifer
After just finding out that she has lost their first baby, Jennifer is devastated. But then there is Marley to comfort her.

Moment # 7: Vacation
While Jennifer and John are on a vacation in Ireland, they have a house sitter to take care of Marley. She soon finds out Marley is the dog from hell.

Moment # 8: Baby Patrick
Jennifer and John just had their first baby, son Patrick. There comes the moment where Marley meets Patrick.

Moment # 9: Day at the beach
John is taking Marley to the beach. Dogs are allowed there, if they don’t do a number two. He unleashes Marley, who is having the best time ever. Other owners start unleashing their dogs too. But then Marley decides it’s time to go for a... drop.

Moment # 10: Alone time
John takes a walk with Marley, looking back on their time together now Marley is getting old.

Moment # 11: Bye Marley
Marley is old and sick and his time has come. John brings him to the vet and says goodbye to him. Even writing about it makes me ball my eyes out.
Favorite Moment: Moment # 6: Marley comforts Jennifer

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