dinsdag 14 juni 2016

100 Movie Challenge 2016 - # 84: Dead Again

Director: Kenneth Branagh
Genre: Drama/ Thriller/ Romance
Runtime: 107 minutes
Year: 1991
Starring: Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Andy Garcia, Robin Williams, Wayne Knight, Derek Jacobi

Description: An amnesiac (Emma Thompson) and a private eye (Kenneth Branagh) find they might have a past life connection.

Review: In a convent nearby Los Angeles, an unknown woman is brought in. she doesn’t know who she is, doesn’t speak and has the most terrible nightmares. Private detective Mike Church is called to find out who this woman is. Because Mike can’t find any lead, he decides to put her picture in the paper. The only one that responds is an eccentric antique store owner, who says he can discover her past by hypnotizing her. And it works.
“Dead Again” was the first Hollywood production by director Kenneth Branagh. He mixed up romance, thriller and humor. And he gathered a good cast. Branagh himself takes the lead with his then girlfriend Emma Thompson. We also see Andy Garcia, who is underused by the way, and a smaller role for Robin Williams.
The film has an interesting plot, but somehow the movie comes off as somewhat cheesy. And the music, which should add some tension to it, is way too present. Even in scenes where hardly anything exciting happens, there is this bombastic and overwhelming music. I just didn’t love “Dead Again” as much as most people did.

Rating: 2,5/ 5

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