donderdag 2 juni 2016

Top 5 Thursday: Movies I Watched for My Challenge (May 2016)

This month I saw some really amazing film and it was kinda hard to put together a top 5, because there were so many good choices. Well, here they are, the five best movies I watched for the month of May.

5. The Kid with a Bike
A smaller film probably no one has seen. But such a good film. Movies like this should get more attention, because it’s a shame that they go by unnoticed.

4. The Signal
I didn’t know anything before watching “The Signal” and it totally took me by surprise. It was a really good film, unexpectedly good.

3. Lars and the Real Girl
Such a sweet, touching story and what a great performance by Ryan Gosling. I just love quirky stories like this.

2. The Jungle Book
This movie really blew my mind. I was excited about it, but never expected “The Jungle Book” to be so good. I loved everything about it.

1. The Princess Bride
This movie had everything: adventure, comedy, action, romance, drama. It was such a fun film and just can’t believe I never watched it before. “The Princess Bride” is one of those movies I will rewatch multiple times.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Bone Tomahawk, Captain America: Civil War, American Graffiti, Bridge of Spies, The Magnificent Seven

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