zondag 21 augustus 2016

100 Movie Challenge 2016 - # 113: W Delta Z

Director: Tom Shankland
Genre: Thriller/ Crime
Runtime: 105 minutes
Year: 2007
Starring: Stellan Skarsgård, Melissa George, Tom Hardy, Selma Blair, Paul Kaye, Sally Hawkins

Description: A calculating killer coerces a detective to pay for his previous mistakes.

Review: The cover of the DVD says it’s “Se7en” meets “Saw”. And that’s sort of true. A police duo is trying to find a serial killer who tortures the victims before killing them. Gladly the focus is more on the police work than the torturing, although the ones that we get are pretty gruesome.
Helen Westcott is a young police officer that has to team up with veteran Eddie Argo. They find a pregnant woman with the letters WΔZ carved in her belly. They are looking for a serial killer.
The film has a raw and grim atmosphere. It’s an overlooked thriller. You can see it drew inspiration from movies like “Se7en” and “Saw”, but it also has many original aspects. There is a twist, that is very surprising, but for me a bit farfetched. Overall “W Delta Z” is a pretty good thriller.

Rating: 3/ 5

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