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Top 5 Thursday: Epic Moments from "Game of Thrones" Season 5

Because we have to wait a year for new “Game of Thrones” episodes, I decided to rewatch all the old episodes. I’m going to create a series of top fives, where I will share with you the most epic moments in every season. This week, season 5.

5. Jon Snow Gets Stabbed
Jon Snow’s fellow me of the Night’s Watch lure him into a trap, by telling him his uncle Benjen has returned. Instead he finds a cross with the word traitor on it and he is stabbed to death.

4. Sansa and Theon Escape
Sansa’s existence for the past few years has been completely miserable. Her father was killed, she was betrothed to a monster, her mother and eldest brother were murdered, she believed that her two younger brothers had been killed as wel, she was forced to marry Tyrion and when she finally and when she finally escaped she was stuck with Littlefinger. Somehow the show managed to make things even worse for Sansa, as she married Ramsay Bolton, the one character more psychotic then Joffrey. Theon, who had been tortured by Ramsay, eventually helps Sansa escape.

3. Cersei’s Walk of Shame
Cersei Lannister is a woman used to getting what she wants, regardless of the cost to others. It was Cersei who granted the High Sparrow a position of power within King’s Landing, and Cersei who delivered Loras and Margaery Tyrell to him. This time, though, things didn’t got all her own way. After being broken down to the point of confessing her sins, the next step is to atone for them in front of her people. Her head shorn and clothes stripped away, she was forced to walk the streets of King’s Landing, being verbally abused, having things thrown at her, and being completely humiliated.

2. Riding Drogon
After Jorah’s victory during the Great Games, the Sons of the Harpy launch their biggest and most direct attack yet, emerging at random within the crowds and mercilessly slaughter those in their way. The target is of course Daenerys. She is herded in the middle of Daznak’s pit, along with Tyrion, Missandei, Jorah, Daario and a handful of Unsullied. She is accepting her fate, until Drogon saves his mother.

1. The Battle of Hardhome
This was a mind-blowing action sequence. It started with Jon and Tormund attempting to negotiate with the Wildlings living at Hardhome in order to get them to The Wall. Any plans were thrown into disarray when wights attacked them and all hell broke loose.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Daenerys Meets Tyrion

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