woensdag 24 augustus 2016

100 Movie Challenge 2016 - # 116: The Hitcher

Director: Robert Harmon
Genre: Action/ Thriller
Runtime: 97 minutes
Year: 1986
Starring: C. Thomas Howell, Rutger Hauer, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jeffrey DeMunn

Description: A young man (C. Thomas Howell) who escaped the clutches of a murderous hitchhike (Rutger Hauer)r is subsequently stalked, framed for the hitcher's crimes, and has his life made into hell by the same man he escaped.

Review: He should have listened to his mother. Jim says it: “My mother told me never to do this”, when he picks up a hitchhiker. The hitcher acts weird and eventually Jim gets him out of his car. But the nightmare is just about to start for him.
The action and tension in the film are its strongest features. The pace is high and you’re constantly on the edge of your seat. Kills, collisions, shoot outs, explosions. But the constant threat is there as well and you feel it.
The identity of the hitcher stays mysterious and you don’t now his motive either. This adds to the tension and suspense of the film. My fellow Dutchman Rutger Hauer plays one of his best roles in “The Hitcher”.
Although the film is so action packed and thrilling, the believability of the film is questionable. And some developments raise questions as well. But this doesn’t bother you that much, because it’s a very strong thriller.

Rating: 3,5/ 5

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