donderdag 25 augustus 2016

Top 5 Thursday: Movie Logics That Make No Sense

Sometimes things happen in movies, that make seem logical in the movie world, but don’t make sense in real life. I assembled a list with the five movie logics that make no sense.

5. The keyboard works magic
Nowadays you can achieve a lot with just one click of the mouse. But in movies everything has to be done by frantic typing on the keyboard. And they don’t even look at their fingers. Even the best typist make errors by typing that fast.

4. Destroy the screen, destroy the computer
The computer is the brain, but somehow people in movies always think that if they break the screen, it also destroys the computer. Well, no. The data will still be there.

3. Landing in water will save you
It’s seen so many times. People who jump into water from a great height. It looks like their landing on a cloud, but in real life it’s like landing on concrete. It’s super dangerous and it will not save you. At least not without breaking anything.

2. Just a concussion
No matter how hard or how many times someone is hit in the head, they only pass out for a while and then just walk it off. Normally it would cause some sort of brain damage or it might even result in death.

1. Fight one at a time
Whenever a hero a heroin has to fight a group of enemies, they always seem to attack one at a time. It would be more effective if they just attacked him all at once, but chivalry apparently still exist in fight scenes.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Last second bomb disarmament, Bullets can throw people, No goodbyes when ending a phone call

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