zaterdag 8 januari 2011

Best of... Christian Bale

He is not only one of the finest men in Hollywood, he's also a magnificent actor. He really doesn't have any limits, he does everything to prepare for his role. I think he's one of the best of his generation and he hasn't really gotten any credit for that. Here are his best films.

"Empire of the Sun"
He was only just a kid, but even back then he proved his acting abilities. It's a great movie and Bale is endeering in this picture.

"Little Women"
This movie is not so much about him, but I always loved it. Four young girls living with their mother while their dad is fighting in the Civil War. Beautiful story.

"American Psycho"
I think his best role so far. He is really a mad man and unstoppable. And I really thought he was a slick dude in this one, but he does it perfectly well. I love the scene with the chainsaw, classic!

I always loved this film. I know a lot of people think it's a bit like "The Matrix", but it's actually a lot cooler (don't shoot me please). And Bale's performance is again great. I love the gun fighting scene at the end and the scene where he hears the music.

"The Machinist"
This is one of the examples why this guy doesn't have any limits. How much weight did he lose here? He looks very creepy, but it's a very good movie. And wonderfull acting by Christian Bale. Seriously, why wasn't this guy nominated for an Academy Award yet?

"Batman Begins"
I like this one better than "The Dark Knight", because its atmosphere is a lot darker, the way it was ment to be. It's not one of Bale's best roles though.

"Rescue Dawn"
Wow! That was my first reaction after seeing this one for the first time. Bale was awesome, very strong performance. I really loved this film.

"The Prestige"
Fantastic movie, I think my favorite on this list. Great story, with a big WTF-moment in the end. And really, I never sympathized Jackman's character in this film, I was more drawn to Bale. But then again, he does that to me.

"The Dark Knight"
Off course I put this one up on the list. Again, not his best role, but so much fun to watch. I think we all know that it was Heath Ledger who stole the show in this one.

"Terminator Salvation"
He's a good John Connor. It's definitely not the best in the series, but I really enjoyed watching it.

I haven't seen "3:10 to Yuma", "I'm Not There", "Public Enemies" and "The Fighter" yet. I actually really want to see the last one. And I'm hoping he will get an Oscar nomination for that. It's a posibility, because he got nominated for a Golden Globe. Maybe he finally gets the credit he deserves, for he is a fantastic and brilliant actor.

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