dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Horror Movie Clichés

I while ago I posted a list with action movie clichés. Well, that's not the only genre with a lot over overused clichés. There's also Horror. And really, there are a lot of them. Here they are.

Cliché # 1 Characters who are stereotypically less intelligent, such as jocks or cheerleaders, always die.

Cliché # 2 Anyone who gets naked for any reason, will get killed.

Cliché # 3 There are always women who start screaming and then cover themselves instead of running away. Like that's gonna help.

Cliché # 4 The last person to survive is often a 'pure' character, a virgin or someone who never used drugs before.

Cliché # 5 Serial killers never run. They walk slowly to create tension yet, they manage to capture their running victims.

Cliché # 6 A character will run from a killer and go through a door. They will lock it and put their back to the door. Not much later, the killer or monster will punch through that door, but they miss the person on the other side.

Cliché # 7 The killers almost never use a gun. They will most often use a sharp object like a knife, machete or chainsaw.

Cliché # 8 Killers and monsters kill everyone, but children or dogs.

Cliché # 9 Whenever someone is being chased, they trip. They always manage to get away anyway.

Cliché # 10 The car never starts, at least not right away. They try to start the car several times and it finally works when the killer is about to strike.

Cliché # 11 Today everyone has a cellphone, but in horrormovies no one does. And when they do, they don't have any reception.

Cliché # 12 People, when chased in a house, always run up the stairs. Like there's a place you can go.

Cliché # 13 When people hear a mysterious sound, they will always walk towards it (most of the time it's coming from a basement, attic, shead). Sometimes people even yell: "hello, is someone there". Like if it's a serial killer he's going to say: "Yeah, I'm right here".

Cliché # 14 Sometimes when someone hears a sound, they will walk towards it and creepy music starts playing in the background. We all know it's probably a cat (or maybe one of the characters friends).

Cliché # 15 There will be a female who is scared shitless because there is a type of killer or monster on the loose. Then another character figures the best way to get her attention is to silently sneak up behind her and grab her shoulder.

Cliché # 16 Some characters think, that whenever they hear a weird sound and there's a killer on the loose, it's probably just the wind. IT'S NEVER THE WIND!!!

Cliché # 17 The person who says "I'll be right back", won't be back.

Cliché # 18 When a character is standing in front of a mirror, it’s possible the killer will appear in that mirror a few seconds later. This also happens with fridges, after they close the door the killer is standing there, like he came out of nowhere.

Cliché # 19 Parents or cops never seem to believe the kids who are telling that there is a crazy killer on the loose. And when they want to show them the dead body, it's gone.

There is still one genre with a lot of clichés. Romantic comedies. Maybe soon I will make a list for those movies.

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