maandag 17 januari 2011

Golden Globes 2011

Last night the Golden Globe awards were on TV. I love awardshows. Again it had a lot of highlights and some downsides. Here's my list of them:


- Natalie Portman winning for "Black Swan". I didn't see the movie yet, but from the clips and the trailer I can already tell that she gave away a fantastic performance. I alos loved her acceptence speech. Very endeering.
- Christian Bale winning for "The Fighter". I said it in a blog message, that I really wanted him to win an award. Well he did it and he finally got credit for his talent. Bale is a magnificent actor and I really think he deserved it. This was my favorite win of the night.
- Ricky Gervais' opening monologue. I thought it was funny. The Hugh Hefner part and then the part about "Sex and the City 2". That was hilarious. I also like te reverence to John Travolta and him being gay, when he was talking about "I Love You Phillip Morris". He's one funny guy.
- Robert Downey Jr. being ridiculously adorable. Seriously, my heart melts every time I see him.
- "Toy Story 3" winning for best animated film. I think that one was predictable, but still.
- "Boardwalk Empire" winning for Best Television Show, Drama and Steve Buscemi winning for best TV Actor. I only saw it a couple of times, but it's a very good show. And I always loved Steve.
- Rickey gervais introducing Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. "As a man whose movies have made $3.5 billion and he's won two Academy Awards and three Golden Globes... and Tim Allen".
- Jim Parsons winning for "The Big Bang Theory". This guy is hilarious. He also won an Emmy for this role and I think he was the one who deserved it the most.
- Katey Sagal winning for "Sons of Anarchy". This is a kick ass show that I only recently discovered. Bad ass bikers! And Katey plays Gemma, a biker mom/wife you don't want to mess with. You go Katey!


- The best picture winner. I was secretly hoping for "Inception" because it was awesome. And in fact, they didn't win anything! Sad face...
- Colin Firth winning for "The King's Speech". I'm not a huge Colin Firth fan. I just hoped that James Franco, Mark Wahlberg or Ryan Gosling would win this award.
- Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Lopez presenting best original song. I hate them both, so nothing good could come from this.
- Amy Adams didn't win. Melissa Leo deserved it, but I just like Amy so very much.
- "Modern Family" not winning an award. They are funnier then "Glee" and Eric Stonestreet is way funnier then Chris Colfer. I don't mind them winning, but I have my preferences.

The rest was just OK for me but nothing special.

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